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Siri vs. Google Now (Comic)

Siri versus Google Now: Fight!   Click to enlarge

Category : News and events   03-05-2013  

Microsoft Ask Ubuntu To Remove Skype Icon From System

Over the last few months I’ve written a few posts on new icons being added to Ubuntu. Today I’m writing about one being removed from it. Microsoft have ‘requested’ that Ubuntu remove a Skype icon from a package in Unity on Ubuntu. As a trademarked asset approval is required from Microsoft for its use and…

Category : News and events   26-04-2013  

The First App-Controlled Bionic Hand

i-Limb Ultra Revolution with Biosim app Touch Bionics A new bionic hand is the first to come with app control, allowing users to access complicated motion patterns—like the grip needed to play pool or right-click a mouse—with a single touchscreen tap. i-Limb Ultra Revolution clicking mouse:  Touch Bionics The i-Limb Ultra Revolution, which has four individually…

Category : News and events   26-04-2013  

New Wordpress, W3TC and WP Super Cache vulnerability discovered

  There is a new serious WordPress vulnerability in certain versions of two popular WordPress caching plugins, W3TC and WP Super Cache. The vulnerability allows remote PHP code to be executed locally on a server for anyone running either of the plugins. An attacker could then execute code on the infected…

Category : News and events   25-04-2013  

WARNING: New Malware Threat in Twitter's Topics

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks for spreading ideas. It has revolutionized the way millions of people consume news. With 288 million active users, Twitter is the world's fourth-largest social network. So it’s no surprise that Twitter is also being used for spreading malware. Trusteer researcher Tanya Shafir…

Category : News and events   23-04-2013  

Google Keep, a New Service for Taking Notes

Google just launched a new notes service called “Keep.” It works kind of like Evernote or Apple’s Notes, allowing Android users to jot down thoughts or reminders, which they can store on their phone or access through Google Drive. It looks pretty useful, judging by the official blog post announcing the…

Category : News and events   11-04-2013