The Steps to Take if You're the Victim of a Cyber Hack

The Steps to Take if You're  the Victim of a Cyber Hack
by Janeth Kent Date: 27-03-2019 hack cyber hack cybercrimes

According to statistics, the fight on cyber-hacks and crimes has never been more heated. Last year marked a six-year high when it came to cybercrimes in the United States as there were more than 300,000 people in the country that found themselves a victim. Even more alarming was the fact that losses equated to $1.2 billion thanks to these cybercrimes. What this means for the average person is that the odds are growing larger and larger that you may find yourself a victim of a cyber-hack in the near future.

Most people are aware of the steps they should take if they are a victim of a crime, but when it comes to cybercrimes there can often be confusion about what you should do. Here we’ll take a look at the steps you’ll want to take both immediately and in the future.

Should You Report the Crime?

One of the first questions people tend to have is whether or not they should report a cybercrime. The answer is quite simple; you always want to contact your local law enforcement regarding cybercrime. They will take a report and then they may even pass you along to a different division or agency that deals specifically with cybercrimes.

Keep Any and All Evidence

After reporting a cybercrime, likely the first question you will be asked is if there is any correspondence, or evidence that can accompany the report. This is why you want to be sure you keep any and all evidence.

This is also when digital forensics can step in. Companies such as Secure Forensics are able to follow the trail of data in order to look for evidence, facts, and the truth that will help with your civil or criminal case.

Change All Your Passwords

You also want to be sure you change all your passwords for any online accounts. Make sure that when you pick a new password it is strong, which means a real mixture of symbols, numbers, and lower and uppercase letters. You don't want it to be a simple word that makes sense.

Alert Your Bank and Credit Card Companies

If there is a chance any of your bank or credit card information has been stolen or compromised, you want to contact the bank immediately. They will be able to put a hold on your accounts until you set up a new card. This means even if your information is stolen, nothing can be done with it.

Ensure You Are Protected Moving Forward

Once a cybercrime has occurred, the last thing you want to think about is ever going through it again. This is why the final step should be to ensure you are protected moving forward.

You can help to protect yourself by installing anti-virus software on your desktop and laptop computer, installing updates on the software whenever they are available, never opening emails unless they are from people you know, changing all your passwords on a regular basis, making sure your home network is secure, and being sure that you always keep an eye on your personal information - just in case.



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by Janeth Kent Date: 27-03-2019 hack cyber hack cybercrimes hits : 6168  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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