A Guide to Integrate Social Media Into Your E-Commerce Store

A Guide to Integrate Social Media into Your E-Commerce Store
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There’s no disputing the influence that the internet and social media have had on business management. The speed at which platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have grown has been remarkable, and the integration of the business tools that they provide has been largely positive. For those involved in e-commerce, social media has been incredibly important, and made it possible for almost anyone with a business idea to make their ideas a reality. As social media becomes the first stop for consumers wanting to know more about a brand, it's essential that you take steps to not just use social media as a marketing tool, but increasingly, integrate your social media ideas into your e-commerce store itself. Here are the best three ways to accomplish that.

Social Media Buttons

Those direct links to your social media pages should be on every page of your website, but they are especially useful on your product pages. If you’re hoping to get the most amount of visibility and engagement, then making it easy for consumers and browsers to share your links easily on their Facebook and Twitter pages is a simple way to make that happen. Your goal is to make your customers feel like they are part of the buying experience, and by sharing and discussing your pages with their friends and family, you are providing them with a shortcut to that. You are also giving your marketing strategy a boost, because people much prefer recommendations from people they know, which makes social media sharing of your brand hugely positive. You can take this further by including social media buttons in your ‘completed order’ emails, which again may prompt them to share their excitement over the impending arrival of your product.

Testimonials and reviews

The information and the interactions on your social media platforms are integral when it comes to encouraging new visitors to your e-commerce store. Running a business page on social media may be a lot of work, but it can also be incredibly productive. By using positive comments and gushing praise that’s been posted on your Facebook page, you not only make your existing customers feel more attached to your company and brand, it can also become a valuable promotional tool that will entice more visitors. Although many e-commerce platforms make it easy for you to integrate these elements directly into your web pages, if you’re using a platform like Shopify, then it’s well worth getting the advice of an established Shopify expert who can manage this for you without causing any adverse interruptions to your business.

Social Sign-In

One of the main reasons for shopping cart abandonment is the sudden requirement that the user registers with an account. You can make it as easy as you like, but even the briefest of interruptions to their buying experience can be enough to turn an almost customer into a vanished one. There are a number of solutions to this problem, but the simplest is just to allow a social media sign-in that allows them to register with your site without the need to set up account names and passwords. It also makes it even easier for them should they return to your site in the future. There’s also evidence that suggests that those customers that use their social media profiles to log into a business page will not only spend more time on your site, but are also far more likely to purchase more than those that don’t.

Social media can have a big impact on your e-commerce venture, so it’s always worth investigating further. Integration should be your first step towards greater exposure and interaction, but don’t go overboard. You don’t need your website to be an advert for Facebook. However, continue to test your social media integration and impact, and remember always to commit time to regular updates. That way your e-commerce store and your social media presence will continue to grow.

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