Mini Microscope For Iphone, For Pure Geeks

by admin admin Date: 15-05-2013 iphone mini geeks ipad microscope

The Mini Microscope for iPhone transforms your smartphone into a mini microscope capable of 60x magnification. Attach the Mini Microscope to the camera lens of your iPhone 4 or 4S and you can zoom in on just about anything. Three built-in bright white LEDs will shed light on your subject and even allow you to reliably verify watermarks. And of course, since it is attached to your camera, you can take photos of everything you're examining and share them with the world.

Microscope attachment for the iPhone 4/4S
Attaches to the lens of your camera
Zoom in at 60x magnification
Three built-in bright white LEDs included
See tiny things, verify watermarks, and more
Take photos of the things you're examining and share them
Dimensions: approx. 1.46" x 1.61" x 0.67"
Batteries: 3x LR1130
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