Tips to Choose The Right Pmp Certification

Tips To Choose the Right PMP Certification
by Janeth Kent Date: 01-08-2017 PMP certification project management tips course

Are you planning to have a career in management? While the final goal seems to be handling various types of projects, you need to have the desired skills and expertise. Well, now that many courses have been designed at the professional level, helping you make a successful career. This type, of course, has the capacity to give you recognition and even widen career scopes to a great extent. So, what is the course about? Although there are many project management courses, getting a PMP certification, which is acknowledged worldwide, is the best possible choice for you.


What Is The Course About?

Project management requires an upgraded skill. So, while academic qualification and experience may be very vital, at the same time you need some extra thing, that will assure a career boost. Even, after a period, when salary is an essential factor, along with the years of experience, an extra professional certification in your CV, will give you the much-needed package. While PMP is globally accepted, geographical locations don’t stand as a bar, and you are allowed to apply in any part of the world.

With the rise of management fields everywhere, handling projects efficiently, has also become important at the same time. So, an individual, who is dreaming of working in large companies, as project managers, or someone, who has already gained the skills of managing a project, working in a company, but need a career boost, this course will give you every single thing.

Although, there are certain prerequisites, which must be fulfilled in order to apply for this course. What are they? Take a look.

  • The applicant must have completed secondary level of education and must have a valid degree

  • Individuals having an experience of 7,500 hours working on projects in a leading or a normal organization

  • To be eligible to sit for the PMP exam, 35 hours of management related education is a must.

This is one set of criteria, depending on which, students can apply for PMP certification exam. There is yet another set of criteria, which also gets considered.

  • A four year of valid degree

  • Regarding working experience, it should be 4500 hours

  • 35 hours during the course program

The biggest advantage of this course program is that it is also available online. So, for those individuals, who are not able to pursue this course due to time constraints, here is a chance to attend the course.

How To Select Your Course?

There are various factors that you must consider before applying to this course. Once you are sure of the below-mentioned steps, you can just pursue further.

  1. The Mode: Based on your convenience, you can select how you are planning to approach for this course, and which mode you are going to opt for. If you are going for the online mode, you don’t have to actually worry about the course materials or training. Everything is just similar to that of a classroom, with the difference that everything is being done with the help of internet in the online classes. So, you are assured of getting the updated course materials, while at the same time working on various live projects too.

  2. Budget: This is an important consideration as the course is a bit expensive. To get the best rate, you can compare the price of different institutions. However, make sure that while deciding on the budget, you don’t compromise on the institution. While the budget is a very crucial matter, a good institution is also very vital, considering the recognition part.

  3. Valid Registration: While selecting the institutions, make sure that the institution is PMI registered. Check the logo and the certification of the institutes, to understand if they have the valid registration or not.

  4. The Instructor: In online modes, you’ll also get to know about the instructors. Check their certification while you are researching about the institutions. The instructor must be PMP certified, keep this in mind.

  5. Hours: While 35 hours, of course, the program is necessary to sit for the exam, ensure that you will be getting a certificate that mentions times.

Follow these tips while selecting your certification program. All the discussed tips will ensure that this certification shows the desired results in your career.


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