How to Change Font Size and Format in Whatsapp

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Your WhatsApp messages can be much more original and fun by changing the font, size, or format. Here's how.

WhatsApp is the leading messaging app for virtually everyone, with permission from Telegram, Facebook Messenger, or Apple Messages. And while there's a lot to be said for it, it's been getting better and better recently with features like sending audio messages, attaching files, watching YouTube videos and making video calls.

One of the aspects that are demanded in WhatsApp conversations or groups is the personalization of the messages. I don't mean what you can or cannot write, but rather how the messages are displayed on the recipient's screen. Sizes, colors, various effects...

The customization of fonts in messages is something that was already done in the past in MSN Messenger and similar. These personalized messages were used to communicate in conversations but also to personalize the profile description and the profile name itself. Today, these customizations are used on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram for either your profile, your name, or your messages.


Fonts Keyboard & Cool Art Font (iPhone)


Integrated into the iPhone virtual keyboard and full of original fonts, Fonts Keyboard & Cool Art Font is suitable for WhatsApp, Instagram and any application where you want to surprise with different text messages.
Specifically, more than 50 fonts to choose from, most of them artistic. In addition, you can apply effects and include emojis. All this from the comfort of the keyboard, without having to open the application constantly.

Chat Styles (Android)

Although not integrated into the keyboard, Chat Styles allows you to design original messages with artistic effects and fonts. The list of fonts is extensive enough to not tire of the same font.

In addition to changing the font in your WhatsApp messages you can apply effects, send emoticons and smiley faces, ASCII art and embellish your username.


Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s (iPhone)


As the name says, the best fonts to integrate into your keyboard. Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s has more than 100 fonts for every taste.

Its purpose is to help you write messages in fun fonts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp. And the best part is that it integrates with your iPhone keyboard.

Better Font-s Cool Keyboard-s can also be used to rotate text, place it inside bubbles, and other font effects.


Color Texting Messenger + Cool Fonts Keyboard (iPhone)


Fonts and colors. Color Texting Messenger + Cool Fonts Keyboard is all about fantasy, as it consists of sending messages in a variety of colors and fonts with backgrounds that are also in color or with motifs to choose from.

Compatible with any app that appears in the Share menu, the app combines fonts, effects, backgrounds, colors, etc. All this in a library from which you can choose all the elements to combine.

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