How to disable the camera, microphone and all sensors on your phone with a single touch in Android 10

by Silvia Mazzetta Date: 02-12-2019 android android10 mobile privacy tips

With Android 10, Google has improved the privacy of its operating system with new options, but has also hidden an interesting option that deactivates all the sensors of the device at once.

This option prevents applications from accessing all of the device's sensors, including the cameras and microphone. The hidden option is called Deactivated Sensors and in order to use it we have to follow these steps:

1. Enable Developer Options

The previous step is to activate the Options for Developers, for this we have to go to Settings >Phone information and click several times on Compilation number until it tells us that the options for developers have already been activated.

2. Activate icon Sensors disabled

The next step is to go to Settings > System > Developer Options and in Developer Icons in Quick Settings activate the Sensors disabled option.

3. Add Disable Sensors in Quick Settings

The last step is to display the 'Sensors Off' option in the Quick Settings menu. To do this, open the quick settings panel and click on the Edit icon, look at the bottom for the icon Disabled sensors and drag in the position we like.

Once configured we only have to click on Disabled sensors to disable all device sensors such as cameras, microphones, accelerometer, light sensor, proximity sensor, magnetometer, compass, gyroscope and barometer. The GPS does not deactivate it, for it we have to deactivate the option Location of the fast adjustments.

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