Monthly News For Designers, November 2015

Monthly News for Designers, November 2015

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Today we inagurate our monthly design news post in which we will share our favorite design related articles, resources and freebies of the month.

Free Icons & Templates

Freebie: 100 Google Material Icons for Sketch.

Freebie: Animaticons – Beautiful, Customizable Animated GIF Icons.

Freebie: Branding Identity Mockup (PSD).

Learning Resources, Tutorials & Tips

Stretchy Navigation in CSS and jQuery by CodyHouse.

Blueprint: Multi-Level Menu by Codrops.

Classy CSS: a Programmatic Approach to Sass Stylesheets by Una Kravets.

Tools & Resources

mo · js – A Motion Graphics Toolbelt for the Web.

plotly.js, An Open-Source Charting Library

Fantastic Sketch Tools 5 Fantastic Sketch Tools Every Designer Should Use.

Instantsearch.js, a Library of Widgets Designed for High-Performance Instant Search.

30 Top WordPress Freebies of 2015.

Foundation 6 Has Baeen Released

Faster, lighter, more versatile, more flexible and more powerful than ever before to get your projects from Prototype to Production.

Download Foundation 6

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