318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #3

318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #3
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Means and Methods of Integrating Bootstrap into your Application Framework or CMS


CODEIGNITER_FORM_BUILDER CodeIgniter library to build uniform form elements with bootstrap styling

WRIGHT The Wright Framework is used to create Joomla Templates. The name is in honor of the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, because the framework is like a blueprint.

BRAINCRAFTED BOOTSTRAP Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework seemingless integrated into Symfony2.

WP-BOOTSTRAP-GALLERY A custom Wordpress gallery for dynamic thumbnail layout using Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.2 thumbnails and the WordPress built in gallery manager.

WP-BOOTSTRAP-NAVWALKER A custom Wordpress nav walker class to implement the Twitter Bootstrap 2.2 navigation style in your custom theme using the Wordpress built in menu manager.

YIIBOOSTER A collection of widgets and utilities that will easy the task of developing Yii applications with the beauty of Twitter Bootstrap.

OPEN FRAMEWORK A responsive Drupal them based on Twitter Bootstrap ACADEMIC Minimal blog CMS built with PHP and Bootstrap

RAPYD-FRAMEWORK a PHP5 minimalistic framework made to build applications based on MVC and CRUD patterns, bundled with Bootstrap

T3BOOTSTRAP A TYPO3 collection of tools, flexible content elements (TemplaVoilà), custom helper extensions and the basic twitter Bootstrap framework.

SHOESTRAP Shoestrap is a WordPress theme that’s based on HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter.

TWITTER BOOTSTRAP CSS PLUGIN Quickly link the latest Bootstrap CSS and Javascript to all pages, regardless of the WordPress Theme

BONFIRE Bootstrap based CodeIgniter project

TWITTER BOOTSTRAP FOR CAKEPHP A theme for cakePHP 2.1 with Twitter Bootstrap. YIIBOOSTER - SITE YiiBooster is YiiBootstrap on 'roids.

HWBOOT EZPublish CMS Design and Template for Twitter Bootstrap

YII-BOOTSTRAP Bringing together the Yii PHP framework and Twitter's Bootstrap

MOPABOOTSTRAPBUNDLE MopaBootstrapBundle is a collection of code to integrate twitter's bootstrap as easy as possible into your symfony2 project.

ZF-BOILERPLATE Zend Framework Boilerplate - Bootstrap included in default

BH BOOTSTRAP THEME A basic port of Twitter's Bootstrap development framework to Drupal 7

CODEIGNITER-BOOTSTRAP Kick starts the development process of the web development process by including Twitter Bootstrap into CodeIgniter

CAKEPHP-BOOTSTRAPPIFIER Use Bootstrap with CakePHP without the need for FormHelper hacks.


HTML::FORMHANDLER::WIDGET::THEME::BOOTSTRAP Renders form messages using Bootstrap formatting and classes within Catalyst

MOJOLICIOUS-BOILERPLATE YAML config for Mojolicious, Configurable application menu based on user type Unified user notification through messages displayed

DANCER-LAYOUT-BOOTSTRAP Bootstrap layouts for the Perl Dancer framework


FLASK-BOOTSTRAP Packages Twitter's Bootstrap into an extension that mostly consists of a blueprint named 'bootstrap'. It can also create links to serve Bootstrap from a CDN.

TW2.BOOTSTRAP ToscaWidgets 2 library that makes excessive use of the Twitter Bootstrap CSS Framework.

FA.BOOTSTRAP Pyramid - Twitter Bootstrap integration

DJANGO-TWITTER-BOOTSTRAP Provide a base Django project which handles the build process of Twitter Bootstrap 2.1 via django-compress

DJANGO-BOOTSTRAP-TOOLKIT Django Toolkit for integration with Twitter's Bootstrap

DJANGO CRISPY FORMS Control the rendering behavior of Django forms in a DRY way with Bootstrap

DJANGO-ADMIN-BOOTSTRAPPED Bootstrap your Django admin in 3 minutes, without changing your existing codebase.


TWITTER-BOOTSWATCH-RAILS Single gem to load Bootstrap, Fontawesome and themes from Bootswatch into your Rails app.

BOOTSTRAP-EDITABLE-RAILS In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap for Rails

BOOTSTRAP-RAILS-ENGINE Make Twitter Bootstrap into Rails Engine.

TWITTER_BOOTSTRAP_HELPER A collection of Rails helpers to output formatting for Twitter Bootstrap.

BOOTSTRAP FORMS A Rails generator that makes working with Bootstrap forms even easier on Rails

WILL PAGINATE BOOTSTRAP Integrates the Twitter Bootstrap pagination component with the will_paginate pagination gem.

THE RAILSAPPS PROJECT A website for open source Ruby on Rails example applications and Rails tutorials.

FORMTASTIC-BOOTSTRAP A Formtastic form builder that creates markup suitable for the Twitter Bootstrap framework.

LESS-RAILS-BOOTSTRAP Hooks into less-rails to provide both compiled and LESS CSS source files from the Twitter Bootstrap project within the Rails 3.1 asset pipeline.

SINATRA-BOOTSTRAP Boilerplate application of a Sinatra and Twitter Bootstrap application

TWITTER_BOOTSTRAP_FORM_FOR A Rails FormBuilder DSL that makes it easier to include Bootstrap stylings within your form.

TWITTER-BOOTSTRAP-RAILS Integrates Bootstrap CSS toolkit for Rails 3.1 Asset Pipeline (Rails 3.2 supported)

ANDYCROLL/KAMINARI_THEMES Bootstrap Themes for the Kaminari Pagination gem

BOOTSTRAP RAILS FLASH MESSAGES Bootstrap alerts and Rails flash messages combined in one easy-to-use gem.

HOBO_BOOTSTRAP Bootstrap based theme for Hobo 2.0



318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #1

318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #2


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