318 Useful Twitter Bootstrap Resources #4

318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #4
by Janeth Kent Date: 09-07-2013 bootstrap twitter web resources tools tips


WORDPRESS BOOTSTRAP THEMES Listing of free, base and premium themes for Wordpress based on Bootstrap.

WP-BOOTSTRAP-GALLERY A custom Wordpress gallery for dynamic thumbnail layout using Twitter Bootstrap 2.2.2 thumbnails and the WordPress built in gallery manager.

WP-BOOTSTRAP-NAVWALKER A custom Wordpress nav walker class to implement the Twitter Bootstrap 2.2 navigation style in your custom theme using the Wordpress built in menu manager.

WP PLUGIN FOR BOOTSTRAP SHORTCODES Plugin will add a button to your WordPress text editor so you can easily add Twitter Bootstrap shortcodes to your pages and posts

SHOESTRAP Shoestrap is a WordPress theme that's based on HTML5 Boilerplate and Bootstrap from Twitter.

TWITTER BOOTSTRAP CSS PLUGIN Quickly link the latest Bootstrap CSS and Javascript to all pages, regardless of the WordPress Theme

STRAPPRESS A responsive WordPress theme with all the Twitter Bootstrap components and interactions.

WP-BOOTSTRAP Bootstrap in a WordPress theme a 320press project.

BOOTSTRAPWP A solid base for custom theme development on Wordpress with Bootstrap

ROOTS WORDPRESS THEME Rapidly create sites with HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap from Twitter

THE BOOTSTRAP WordPress Theme, with a great image and gallery handling, based on Bootstrap from Twitter.

ALIEN SHIP Alien Ship is meant to be a foundation on which to build, it is fully integrated with Bootstrap.

WPSTRAP WP Strap is an open-source WordPress theme using the Bootstrap framework from Twitter.

Interface Builders

Visual Tools for designing the structure or other aspects of a Bootstrap layout


LAYOUTIT! Interface Builder for Bootstrap

GLYPHICONS-SPRITE-GENERATOR Change the size and colors of the Bootstap icons if you are using the Pro files, all the extra icons will be available to your Bootstrap project.

TWITTER BOOTSTRAP BUTTON GENERATOR WITH FAMFAMFAM ICONS Bootstrap buttons, but with the FamFam Iconset replacing glyphicons

CSS3 GRADIENT GENERATOR Extensive gradient builder for setting Bootstrap values

BEAUTIFUL BOOTSTRAP BUTTONS Make pretty buttons easily for Twitter Bootstrap CSS GRADIENT GENERATOR A powerful Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor from ColorZilla.

TWITTER BOOTSTRAP BUTTON GENERATOR Make slick looking buttons easily.

HOLDER.JS Client side image placeholders

JQDRAWBOOTSTRAPGRID A simple jQuery plugin that draws grid columns to a twitter bootstrap layout. Very helpful for debugging.


DIVSHOT Interface Builder for Web Apps

BOOTSTRAP-FORM-BUILDER Drag and drop form builder for twitter bootstrap.

JETSTRAP The Bootstrap Interface Builder

EASEL.IO Design & build in your browser. (It's the fastest way to ship.)

BOOTSNIPP.COM Gallery of free HTML snippets for Twitter Bootstrap.


THEMES FOR BOOTSTRAP Clearinghouse of Free, OpenSource and Premium themes from all over the Internet.

LAVISH Generate your own Bootstrap color scheme

WRAPBOOTSTRAP Theme marketplace for Twitter Bootstrap

FBOOTSTRAPP A toolkit designed to kickstart development of facebook iframe apps in both relevant sizes

BOOTTHEME Web Design Tool and Theme Generator for Twitter Bootstrap

JQUERY-UI-BOOTSTRAP The beauty of Twitter's Bootstrap to jQuery UI widgets. BOOTSWATCHER The Twitter Bootstrap Themer

BOOTSWATCHR.COM BootSwatchr is a visual tool for creating a custom Bootstrap theme from the ground up.

BOOTSWATCH Set of open source themes for Bootstrap

STYLEBOOTSTRAP.INFO Element style picker for Bootstrap customization

PAINTSTRAP Generate Bootstrap themes using the color scheme

Mockup Tools

Stencils and Templates for Drawing and Mockup Applications

PRINTABLE TWITTER BOOTSTRAP WIREFRAME PDF scaled to 60% of live page for quick sketches of layouts within the Bootstrap Grid.

TWITTER-BOOTSTRAP-FOR-OMNIGRAFFLE This is a set of Omnigraffle stencils, colors and templates that mirror Twitter Bootstrap as closely as possible.

REPIX BOOTSTRAP PSD Includes all base elements layered in Photoshop for typography, buttons, grids, navigation, and more used in the original CSS3 Bootstrap v2 framework from Twitter

BOOTSTRAP WIDGETS LIBRARY FOR AXURE Free Axure Widgets Library for Twitter Bootstra

GRID TEMPLATES A set of grids in photoshop and illustrator based on the bootstrap scaffolding, these are the default responsive grids available on the bootstrap site.

TWITTER-BOOTSTRAP-OMNIGRAFFLE-STENCIL Make it easy to mockup web sites or web applications in OmniGraffle for Bootstrap

FIREWORKS FOR BOOTSTRAP Fireworks elements of Twitter Bootstrap

BOOTSTRAP BALSAMIQ COMPONENTS A symbols library for the mockup/drawing app Balsamiq

BOOTGRID.PSD A simple .psd for quickly and easily mocking up Twitter Bootstrap designs.

GUIDEGUIDE Photoshop Plugin For Dealing With Grids

HTML PROTOTYPING TOOLBOX A set of layouts that NiceUX uses to speed up their prototyping process for Twitter Bootstrap

POWERPOINT AND KEYNOTE MOCKUP TEMPLATE KIT Prototype Bootstrap-based apps using your favorite presentation tool.



318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #1

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318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #3

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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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