Tutorials, Videos, Free Books, and More Resources For Learning Jquery

Tutorials, Videos, Free Books, and More Resources for Learning jQuery
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Maybe you’re a jQuery pro. Maybe you’re John Resig... But, in the other hand, maybe you read words like “jQuery”, and think: “jQuery What?” .

If you belong to this category of person, now is the time to learn jQuery.

According to jQuery.com, jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.

jQuery is undoubtedly the most popular JavaScript library on the web today. It is used by 70% of the top websites and is becoming a standard in web development.

So, let's learn JQuery!

First of all: The jQuery Libraries

jQuery is a library that makes it easy to work with the DOM, listen for events, animate elements and issue AJAX requests among other things. However, actually jQuery supports three libraries that are:

  1. The jQuery library. This is the "official" library that people usually refer to when they use jQuery.
  2. jQuery Mobile is a lightweight framework for developing mobile webapps or websites.
  3. jQuery UI. A collection of widgets like date pickers, dialogs, progress bars, effects and more aimed at interactive web applications.

Start using with jQuery:

  • JavaScript 101 an introductory article to JavaScript from the jQuery site.
  • The jQuery Getting Started Guide is a good first step for beginners. It explains basics like how you should include jQuery in your web page, and how to write a first script.
  • Try jQuery an interactive course with videos and code challenges that you can take for free.

Free eBooks on jQuery

  • jQuery Fundamentals is a must-read e-book for every jQuery beginner.
  • jQuery Succinctly is an e-book that explains the essencial concepts of advanced jQuery development.
  • jQuery has a very good API documentation, full of example code, which is a book on its own right.


Jquery Courses and training

jQuery Videos

Here are some of the best jQuery videos that you can watch right now for free:

jQuery Presentations

Here are some of the most popular jQuery presentations:

jQuery Tutorials and Blogs

Here are the best places to find jQuery tutorials and blogs:

jQuery Misc


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