What to Expect From Email Marketing Tools in 2019

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Along with everything else, marketing has received a huge boost recently, thanks to technology. As email continued to be a top performer even in 2018, it’s one of the integral parts of any online campaign today. So, what should you look for in your email marketing tools in 2019?

Advanced Automation Features


By advanced automation features, we do not mean that the software will just periodically be sending promotional content to everyone on your list. In 2019, that is just not enough, because you need a marketing automation tool with more enhanced features.

For example, PieSync analyzes each and every one of your contacts and sends emails with content that’s specific to the contact being emailed. PieSync does not send random marketing content to everyone on the list at the same time, but times the emails to perfection, so that they can maximize your online marketing ROI.

Way Customer Data Sync


Data entry is a waste of time and yet it is a necessary part of business in many sectors nonetheless. At least when it comes to email marketing, it should allow 2-way data syncing for all customer data to largely eliminate the need for manual data entry. This actually leads us to our next requirement.



The more business applications the particular tool is able to integrate with, the better it is for the business. 2-Way syncing of data can only be useful if the concerned software is compatible with all your other essential tools such as Google Contacts, Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce and more.

Ease of Use


Although the technology surrounding us might be complicated, it’s all meant to simplify the final user process. Therefore, if the email marketing tool is not user-friendly or easy to use, then it’s not worth your time.

Adding conditions, actions, field mapping and even just opening an account with the service should be easy and intuitive. They need you just as much as you need them, therefore, ease of use is a key factor for email marketing tool providers as well, and not just the end-user businesses.



Business isn’t exactly like a corporate job, where your salary keeps going up every year. Of course, it’s meant to be much more profitable than any salary, but there is no guarantee of the fact that you won’t need to scale down your marketing efforts to make up for some financial concerns.

This is precisely why an email marketing tool that is worth considering for a small business should also have different plans. The bigger the customer gets, the more features and services they will require, but they should also have the freedom to opt for a less expensive plan if they need to.

In addition, you can add the logo in the signature. Although a logo does not ensure the success of a company, it is at the heart of the image of the brand and its recognition. Once you created a logo with Logaster that will fully satisfy you, you can put it everywhere: in emails, on your social networks, on your business cards, on a car, and on your website, of course!

If you are going to invest in an enterprise grade email marketing tool, it should at least give you a trial run first. When a company  is willing to give you that option, you know that they are good, because they are confident enough to let you try their software for free!


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