The Most Popular Fonts Used by Designers

by admin admin Date: 19-11-2015 fonts web design typography

Fonts represent an important part of our project. With this post we want to present you the most popular fonts used by top designers and professionals from all over the world.

Have we missed one of your old time favorites? Go ahead and add it in the comments area.

1. Helvetica

2. Trajan

3. Garamond

4. Futura

5. Bodoni

6. Bickham Script Pro

7. Frutiger

8. Gotham

9. Gill Sans

10. Myriad Pro

11. Avenir Std

12. ITC Franklin Gothic Std

13. Futura

14. Trade Gothic

15. Franklin Gothic 

16. Lucida Sans

17. Optima 

18. Palatino

19. Rockwell 

20. Univers

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