The Meaning of Colors in Web Design. a Little Bit of Psychology

The Meaning of Colors in web Design. A little bit of psychology
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Color psychology is one of the most talked about and interesting parts of psychology. The idea that some colors evoke feelings and emotions. In fact, this color helps buy the most attractive product. You invest a great deal of time and money to create a convincing website design to increase the number of website visitors and spend more money on your product.

The basic principle that color is the essential requirement for neurological incitation is used. Knowing exactly how a visitor can be visually influenced by the right use of colors in branding, marketing and advertising as a potential consumer.

​​​​​​​Color psychology is something that even the fortune 500 brands consider to be very important to their branding. Knowing which colors work well together, and the different meanings behind those colors all play a crucial role in their selection. There's a new color palette tool created by Bold Web Design, that showcases these brands color palettes, and can be really helpful when your designing your own website, because it displays the main colors and the secondary colors too.

An interesting observation that supports this fact is that color affects not only mood, but also people's buying habits and preferences.

In general, customers actually decide on your website within 90 seconds. Here are some details to improve your website's color combination.

  • 6% of people say the visual dimension is the first influencing factor affecting their purchase decision.
  • Color Ads receive 26% higher attention as compared to Black and white ads for Magazine readers.
  • Changing color of call to action button is integral part of A/B Testing & increases upto 21% conversion ratio.
  • 52% of customers did not return to a store due to overall aesthetics.

Some places or ads may have made you feel energetic, while some make you feel safe and comfortable. All this is due to the magic of advertising, branding and products in colours. Here is an interesting compilation of colors that affect the purchase decision of the customer.


The yellow color is warm and pleasant, representing happiness, clarity, warmth and intelligence. This color gives an optimistic impression. The impact of this color makes you act. With this color's brightness, it also invites window shoppers. Yellow color helps to capture buyers ' attention and attention


Red is bold colour bursting with energy and enthusiasm. It also evokes strong emotion. These colours increase the heart rate and call for urgent action. That’s the reason most of the signs and other advertising material for sales are always use it red. A surprising fact about using red in advertisements is that, while traditionally red is used as a stop or danger sign, for shoppers, it actually works as an inviting element.


Green color represents nature linked to growth, well-being and calm. This color is relaxing and often used in health products, according to the psychology of the customer. Green has a calm and soothing effect, which is why people buy self-care, nature and so on products that are right and pleasant.


Blue Color, known as "Cold," symbolizes calmness and serenity and creates a sense of trust and security. This color can give the consumer an impression of being a clean and credible product that increases productivity. Many brands use this color to attract prospective consumers and define purity, in particular companies and banks.


Black is a very strong color that defines elegance and power. Products marketed in this color are direct, precise and luxurious. The majority of the brand likes luxury cars, high - end products and fashion and cosmetics to increase the value of sales and brand value.


Pink has always been view as a traditionally feminine color. It found the consumer to be warm and decent. This color has earned a lot of success for marketers when it comes to marketing. Prominent use of this color to create products such as women's clothing, jewelry and cosmetics website design for marketing and advertising.


Orange is a powerful and fun color that reflects a buyer's enthusiasm and excitement. The use of orange in product or advertising promotes action. It may be in the form of subscription or purchase. Most food marts and commercial products use orange to improve the consumer base.


When perceived, the purple color creates a sense of luxury and royalty. Violet products create prestige and elegance. Various shades in purple also indicate creativity and imagination. Purple is a color that also calms the eyes. This makes it suitable for beauty products as well.


Color is a meaningful constant and a powerful psychological tool. You can send a positive or negative message, promote sales, calm a crowd or make an athlete pump iron harder by using color psychology. Use the latest color psychology in all aspects of marketing, especially in the design of logo, website design, book cover or product packaging.

As mentioned, countless attempts have been made to classify consumer behavior in response to different colours.

But the truth is that color depends too much on personal experiences for specific feelings to be universally translated. In color perceptions, however, there are broader messaging patterns.

In a study entitled "Impact of color on marketing," researchers found that up to 90 percent of snap judgments on products can depend on color alone. The results of another study show that the relationship between brands and color depends on the perceived appropriateness of the color used for the particular brand (does not affect the role of color in branding)

Further studies have shown that our brains prefer immediately recognizable brands, making color an important element in the creation of a brand identity. One journal article even suggests that it is important for new brands to select colors that distinguish them from entrenched competitors.

And you? What do you think?

Truth is that the kaleidoscopic nature of color theory means we may never have definitive answers 0_0.




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