318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #1

318 useful twitter bootstrap resources #1

Bootstrap specific addons to supplement the base Bootstrap features

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BOOTSTRAP-MAXLENGTH Uses badges to display the maximum length of the field where the user is inserting text. This plugin uses the HTML5 attribute "maxlength" to work.

WATABLE a pretty decent jQuery table plugin

BOOTSTRAP-TIMEPICKER A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap.

BOOTSTRO.JS Guide users through your application via a series of Bootstrap popovers

NOD! A frontend validation plugin for Twitter Bootstrap

MESSENGER Replacement for alert() messages and other user interaction notifications.

JQUERY.TOCIFY.JS A jQuery Table of Contents plugin that can be themed with Twitter Bootstrap or jQueryUI.

BOOTSTRAP-PROMPTS An implementation to replace the alert(), prompt(),confirm() notifications on the browser when using Twitter Bootstrap with Modal information

SUBNAV FOR BOOTSTRAP 2 Example of how to implement SubNavs in Bootstrap navigation menus.

JQUERY-BOOTSTRAP-SCRIPTING Uses the modal dialog provided by bootstrap and provides a controlable dialog functionality for web pages as a jQuery plugin.

BOOTSTRAP-LIGHTBOX This is a plugin for Twitter Bootstrap that adds a lightbox that is based off the modal dialog

MENTION.JS Lightweight wrapper for adding @user mention functionality to Twitter Bootstraps Typeahead plugin

PINES NOTIFY JavaScript notifications for Bootstrap or jQuery UI

ACC-WIZARD An accordion-based wizard based on Bootstrap styles.

JQUERY-BOOTSTRAP-PAGINATION A simple, full-featured, pagination system for jQuery that outputs Twitter Bootstrap marked up pagination links.

BANGBANG TAG INPUT A jQuery plugin to handle multiple tagged input.

TOCIFY A Bootstrap styled jQuery Table of Contents

SORICH87/BOOTSTRAP-TOUR Quick and easy way to build your product tours with Twitter Bootstrap Popovers

BOOTSTRAP-TAGS Bootstrap tags is a lightweight jQuery plugin meant to extend the Twitter Bootstrap UI to include tagging.

BOOTSTRAP ARROWS Add-on to the popular Twitter Bootstrap framework to include the use of arrows at any angle in your UI designs

BOOTSTRAP-MODAL Extends Bootstrap's native modals to provide additional functionality. Introduces a ModalManager class that operates behind the scenes to handle multiple modals by listening on their events.

PILLBOX FUEL UX Pillbox container (often used for tags) control

DATAGRID FUEL UX Editable, searchable data display table.

BOOTMETRO Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for web apps that wants to use the "Windows 8 App Store" style

BOOTSTRAP TOUR Easy to configure site tour wizard

JQUERY-SLIMSCROLL Transforms any div into a scrollable area with a nice scrollbar (default Bootstrap styling).

BOOTSTRAP-PROGRESSBAR Multi-Color progressbar component for Twitter Bootstrap

BOOTSTRAP HTML5 VIDEO PLAYER HTML5 video player plugin for jQuery based on bootstrap UI

BOOTPAG A dynamic pagination jQuery plugin for Twitter Bootstrap

BOOTSTRAP-IMAGE-GALLERY An extension to the Modal dialog of Twitter's Bootstrap toolkit,

TABLECLOTH.JS Style, sort and manipulate tables quickly

PAGEDOWN-BOOTSTRAP A port of the Pagedown Markdown editor for use with Twitter Bootstrap.

MENU DROPDOWN ON HOVER PLUGIN Slick dropdown on hover and a good discussion of the tradeoffs for mobile.

TWITTER BOOTSTRAP HOVER DROPDOWN PLUGIN A simple plugin to enable twitter bootstrap dropdowns to activate on hover and provide a nice user experience.

CSS3 MICROSOFT MODERN BUTTONS "Modern" the style formerly known as "Metro" appearance Bootstrap button styles.

D3 BOOTSTRAP POPOVERS Uses the markup and css from bootstrap to make pretty D3 popovers.


BOOTBOX.JS - ALERT, CONFIRM AND FLEXIBLE DIALOGS FOR TWITTER'S BOOTSTRAP FRAMEWORK Bootbox.js is a small JavaScript library which allows you to create programmatic dialog boxes.


BOOTSTRAP-MULTISUGGESTPLUGIN Extends Typeahead to support multiple datasources, backbone, ajax and static arrays

BOOTSTRAP-WYSIWYG Tiny, opensource, Bootstrap WYSIWYG rich text editor from MindMup

BOOTSTRAP-MAXLENGTH Uses badges to display the maximum length of the field where the user is inserting text. This plugin uses the HTML5 attribute "maxlength" to work.

SANDGLAZ/BOOTSTRAP-TAGAUTOCOMPLETE · GITHUB Works the same way tagging people on FB or Twitter does

BOOTSTRAP FILE INPUT STYLER Make all file input fields look like standard Twitter Bootstrap buttons

BOOTSTRAP-TIMEPICKER A simple timepicker component for Twitter Bootstrap.

SILVIOMORETO/BOOTSTRAP-SELECT · GITHUB A custom select for @twitter bootstrap using button dropdown, designed to behave like regular Bootstrap selects;

MAGICSUGGEST Auto-suggest combo with bootstrap theme using jQuery NOD! A frontend validation plugin for Twitter Bootstrap

BOOTSTRAP-ACKNOWLEDGEINPUTS A small bootstrap plugin that provide form input controls that feedback to the user as to whether their input was valid.

TREE.JS Tree control for Bootstrap, very handy for directory listings, folders with folders in them, or any hierarchical.

WIZARD.JS Wizard Control to move people through a series of steps.

MAGICSUGGEST Auto-suggest combo with bootstrap theme using jQuery

BOOTSTRAP-DUALLISTBOX Bootstrap Dual Listbox is a responsive dual listbox widget optimized for Twitter Bootstrap. Works on all modern browsers and on touch devices.

JQUERY-SIMPLECOLORPICKER Yet another jQuery color picker. This plugin is unobtrusive and integrates well with Twitter Bootstrap. The source code only requires jQuery and is about 200 lines of JavaScript and 100 lines of CSS.

TWBOOTSTRAPJQVALPOPOVER Popover Error Messages with JQuery Validation and Twitter Bootstrap. Displays error messages as Twitter Bootstrap Popovers instead of inline text.

BOOTSTRAP-WYSIHTML5-RAILS A stylish wysiwyg editor for Bootstrap. MY-

BOOTSTRAP-DATETIMEPICKER A simple, no-frills date/time picker for use with Twitter Bootstrap.

GOOGLE FONT SELECT Adds a drop-down of fonts from Google Font API

BOOTSTRAP-DATETIMEPICKER Extremely slick Date and Time picker for Bootstrap - unique animation+UI to switch between date and time entry modes.

BOOTSTRAP-MULTISELECT a JQuery based plugin to provide for using select inputs with the multiple attribute to present a dropdown menu containing the single options as checkboxes.

JQRANGESLIDER jQuery plugin for range sliders with Bootstrap styling

JASNY BOOTSTRAP Collection of additional form and input components for Bootstrap. Action links, input mask, row link, file upload, page alerts, semi-fluid layout, desktop row and more.

JQUERY-ADDRESSPICKER Drag and drop a Google Maps map marker to choose a location, or dynamically update an embedded map on the page when the address is entered.

JQUERY FILE UPLOAD DEMO File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bars and preview images for jQuery.

BOOTSTRAP CONTEXTMENU A context menu extension of Twitter Bootstrap made for everyone's convenience.

SELECTBOXIT Replace ugly and hard to use HTML select boxes with gorgeous and feature rich drop downs.

SPINNER - FUEL UX Wait indicator for form submissions

SEARCH FUEL UX Search input control for Twitter Bootstrap

PILLBOX FUEL UX Pillbox container (often used for tags) control

BOOTSTRAP-WYSIHTML5 Create simple, beautiful wysiwyg editors with the help of wysihtml5 and Twitter Bootstrap

SELECTBOX FORM HELPER Allows for select box filtering, default selection and better styling

TYPEAHEAD EXTENSION Additional functionality beyond the stock Bootstrap typeahead - callback on select, local or remote data source

FINE UPLOADER A user-friendly file-uploading experience over the web

X-EDITABLE In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery

JQBOOTSTRAPVALIDATION A JQuery validation plugin for bootstrap forms.

PRETTYCHECKABLE Replaces the default checkboxes and radio inputs for better looking ones.

CHOSEN-LESS-BOOTSTRAP Chosen (the select box awesomefier) - now for Bootstrap and LESS

BOOTSTRAP AJAX Plugin designed to work with Twitter Bootstrap to enable declarative AJAX support.

BOOTSTRAP TOGGLE BUTTONS Bootstrap checkbox's restyled as on/off style toggle buttons

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