The best collections of Royalty free videos for social networks

by Janeth Kent Date: 02-03-2020 video free social networks editor

If you are looking for videos that can be edited and uploaded to social networks, pay attention, because we have here a great list of websites that offer this type of content.

They are banks of royalty-free videos, videos that we can download for free to upload to our editing app and create the banner or the desired message in Instagram, Facebook and other networks.

If you download a free video, you can always edit it later in free video editors, personally we use the free editor Openshot, from where we can import videos, PNG files (logos, texts, etc) and music, there are also many sites to get free audios on the Internet.

Let's go for the list:


Let's start with Pexels, a great solution recently bought by Canva that has a lot of free videos in various categories. We can browse videos of people writing, people traveling, young people playing...

Beautiful videos with Creative Commons 3.0 license. It is more difficult to find them, since the classification is by author, but the quality of the content is very noticeable, superior to other sources.

Hundreds of free, classified videos, with the need to mention the source. They can be used for personal and commercial projects for free, being possible to download, edit and remix the videos. The only requirement is that you visibly add a credit link to somewhere on the web or post on social networks.

They are presented as one of the largest video communities in the world. Their growing collection of high-quality content helps us find the right background for each publication. It is important to pay attention to the individual licensing of each content.

In addition to videos, offers music and images. Videvo offers free archive videos and motion graphics for use in any project. We can use these video clips for free, both in personal and commercial productions. Video clips licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 license must be attributed to the original author, so attention must be paid to each content.


Exactly, on youtube you can publish videos with appropriate licenses for free publication. Just look for "free stock" and start navigating through the enormous amount of content available. The only problem is that it costs to know if the person who uploaded the video is really the author of it, so it is good to make sure before contacting the author.

These videos can not be rented, licensed, sold, or redistributed, so please respect the rules ;-)

We also have an excellent link resource where you can find the best screen capture software.

by Janeth Kent Date: 02-03-2020 video free social networks editor hits : 3941  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

Licenciada en Bellas Artes y programadora por pasión. Cuando tengo un rato retoco fotos, edito vídeos y diseño cosas. El resto del tiempo escribo en MA-NO WEB DESIGN END DEVELOPMENT.


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