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by Laura Celis Ballesta Date: 30-06-2023 socialnetworks ssmtools

Today we know that having a presence on social media is becoming increasingly important if you want to boost your business and reach a wider audience.

But first of all,


What is social media management?

They are a set of actions and strategies used to promote your company, build customer loyalty and keep up to date in an area that is becoming more and more relevant.

It is no news that the public is increasingly present on the internet and we are able to reach a much larger audience, so I think it is important for companies to be present in as many networks as possible.

Using network management tools can be very useful and save us a lot of work at the same time that our company will get a wider audience in a easier way, so we leave you a couple of examples of platforms that can be very useful.

Social media management tools

We will talk about the free versions of the following platforms and their features, each platform also has its own paid version, but without a doubt the free versions offer many helpful features.



It is a very easy to use tool according to its users, the free version is maybe a bit limited but I consider it very functional and in case your company needs more tools the prices are very affordable.

  • You can have 3 linked accounts
  • You can manage your Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin accounts.
  • You can make up to 10 publications per account
  • Data analysis is every 1 day.

You can take a look at



Like Crowfire, it scores highly for ease of use, you can track content performance and it offers great customer support management.

  • Up to three channels can be connected
  • It has planning and publication tools
  • It has an AI assistant
  • It is connected to Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook and many more networks.
  • The account can be managed by a single user

You can take a look at



The only negative feature I see is that with the free version you can't be connected to LinkedIn and nowadays it is a very useful tool for companies, but otherwise I think it is a great tool.

  • Management of all your networks (*except LinkeedIn)
  • Access to anaalytics with a 3-month history
  • AI assistant for copies
  • It has a limit of 50 publications per month

You can take a look at


Keeping your social networks up to date and finding out about all the latest news and trends in your field will help you achieve a greater reach, so what are you waiting for?

Thank you very much for reading, I hope you found it useful!

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