How to hide the you are typing text in a WhatsApp group

by Janeth Kent Date: 25-03-2021 whatsapp socialnetworks chat

With WhatsApp groups there is usually no middle ground: either you like them or you hate them from the first moment you are put -sometimes 'dragged' reflects better- into one.

And with the current pandemic situation we live in, groups have exploded in use in the work and family environment. Does it bother you or give you a bit of anxiety when you're writing in a WhatsApp group and that's what appears in the chat, a message under the group name indicating that you're composing a message? Here's how to compose messages in a group without "XXX is writing" appearing.

Hide 'you are typing' in WhatsApp groups

There are actually two ways to do this, one by using a 'trick' on the phone itself and the other by installing an application that does the work for you.

Using Flychat

This app is designed to use WhatsApp and not be seen online by any of your contacts. And as such it works perfectly, as it hides the 'Online' text when you log into WhatsApp - if you haven't already removed it after adjusting your privacy settings. Flychat opens a floating window for you to use the app without logging in, and it allows you to be online without appearing to be online, and to see who is online among your contacts without them seeing you.

The problem? You can't send voice notes, you can't listen to audio, images don't work either, and text messages sometimes arrive and sometimes don't, and you can't choose to be 'offline' for some contacts and 'online' for others, but if you activate it you'll be offline for everyone.

Download Flychat for Android

Using the Airplane mode trick

El modo Avión es una función creada especialmente para cuando estás volando en avión y no quieres apagar el terminal. Este modo anula todas las conexiones entrantes y salientes, incluyendo llamadas, mensajes e Internet -aunque hay terminales que permiten no recibir llamadas pero sí navegar por Internet.

Haz esto cuando estés en un grupo:

  • Abre WhatsApp y entra dentro del chat de grupo en el que quieres escribir
  • Activa el modo avión en el móvil -desliza el dedo sobre la pantalla desde arriba a la mitad para abrir los accesos directos a las funciones del móvil, y busca Modo Avión / Flight Mode.
  • Vuelve a WhatsApp, escribe el mensaje y envíalo
  • Abre de nuevo el menú de los accesos directos y desconecta el modo Avión
  • En cuanto el móvil vuelva a conectarse al Wi-Fi / Datos, WhatsApp entrará de nuevo en línea y el mensaje tuyo se enviará. Y lo habrás redactado sin aparecer a los demás del grupo que estabas escribiendo un mensaje.
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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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