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by Luigi Nori Date: 09-09-2020 netflix free streaming

To view the contents of an audiovisual streaming platform such as Netflix, it is necessary to pay a monthly connection fee. However, the company has enabled a series of contents that can be viewed "for free", without having to pay for them.

To view Netflix's free contents it is not necessary to give your bank details

It is a kind of attraction to attract users. Netflix allows you to subscribe for one month free of charge to its catalog -something that other streaming platforms also do- but to do so you will have to give your email, your personal data, and even your bank details. With this new option, the company opens some titles of its content offer so that anyone can see them, without the need to subscribe.

There are not many, some episodes of some series, a couple of films and some documentaries at the moment. There is also some children's content, although Netflix has indicated that this is a preliminary list and that in the coming weeks it will be adding titles and taking out some others from its free offer.

This is the list of content that is currently available for free:

  • Stranger Things - Episode 1 of Season 1
  • Mystery on Board - Adam Sandler film exclusively for Netflix
  • Elite - Season 1 Episode 1
  • Boss in Diapers - Back to Work - Season 1 Episode 1
  • Bird Box - Netflix exclusive film
  • This is how they see us - Episode 1 of the mini-series
  • Love is Blind - Season 1 Episode 1
  • The Two Potatoes - Film with Anthony Hopkins and Jonathan Pryce
  • Our Planet - Season 1 Episode 1
  • Grace & Frankie - Season 1 Episode 1

How to view Netflix's free content

If you want to see Netflix's free content, just go to and choose the option "Watch Free". There you will access the contents available so far.

But there is one drawback: Netflix's free contents are only available for devices with iOS operating system. That is, only from the iPhone or iPad you can access the free movies available to Netflix.

On all other devices, you can subscribe and watch Netflix content for free for 30 days. However, you will have to enter your personal and billing information. You won't be charged anything when you sign up, but you will have to be careful and ask to be removed from the service before a month has passed, or else you will receive the first bill.


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