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Modern folks have grown up with having all the world's data at their fingertips with super mobile phones glued to our palms. Or it's what we've always believed. Sometimes the incredible amount of information in a Google search result can actually stop us from finding out what we need. We don't have time to scroll through the data or see unrelated posts when we're looking for something particular, do we? If we had, we would have gone to the library.

We're ready to actually share some search hacks from Google that will radically change how you interact with the favourite search engine of everyone.

1. Google helps you with synonyms


If you are looking for a wide spectrum of sources on a particular topic, then your special best friend is the"~" sign. Use it before your synonym is selected and you will obtain search outcomes covering more subjects than your main sentence dictates.

"Healthy ~food," for instance, will reap pages of healthy eating outcomes, healthy local restaurants, and even good meal recipes. Give it an attempt.

"development ~Javascript", for example, will collect result pages with guides, tips and articles on Javascript. Give it a try.

2. Try to use quotation marks: be specific


Perhaps the specificity is what you want. Frame your main sentence with quotation marks in that case and only get results that include your main sentence precisely as it is written.

For lyrics, it's fantastic (we've all been there). For instance, if you type in the phrases without quotation marks over the rainbow somewhere, then the search engine will go wild. Any website that contains these phrases in any order in the search outcomes will snag a location.

If you write "somewhere over the rainbow," the search engine will understand that you specify a word order and it won't be long before Yip Harburg's lyrical stylings fill your computer screen.

3. If you're undecided, use "or"


We are immersed in our work and very committed; we can't remember every little detail of every data we need to start our research.

This is where the word "or" appears by typing in the search topic and separating the words with the symbol "or" or "|", Google will give you sufficient results to make an informed decision.

4. Enjoy the magic of the asterisk


Sometimes, we may not be sure of a keyword. Another way to find missing information is to enter the search criteria with an asterisk instead of the word on which you have doubts. For example, typing "lord of the" plus the "*" symbol will give you a number of results, hopefully including what you are looking for.
(Lord of the ring ;-))

5. Indicate multiple missing words


What happens if we forget whole sentences?
Just type in the first and last words, and between them type in "AROUND" plus the approximate number of missing words. This is difficult, so here's an example. "Stay AROUND(2) foolish" will find exactly what you are looking for: Steve Jobs quote, of course!

6. Specify a time frame


If you are writing an history article or reviewing your knowledge of the Egyptians, you may need to look for information about a certain period of time. Did you know that you can add a period of time to a Google search using ellipses?
If you are lucky enough to spend your time exploring 19th century inventions, for example, simply type "1800...1900 inventions" in the search bar, sit down and enjoy!

7. Find a title or URL


If you need to find the title of an article, enter "intitle:" before the keyword without spaces in between. To find a specific URL, type "inurl:" and the keyword. Easy.

8. Relocate a page within a website


Imagine you've read an article that you liked very much, and you want to show it to your friends. You remember the website, but not the title of the article. In this case, you can search within the website to save a lot of time.

Just type in the site address followed by the keyword(s) .

9. Discover new reading material


How many times have we fallen in the rabbit hole, on the Internet. Sometimes it's good and you find out things
that arouse our interest.

If you've read and loved a TV series and you want to find relevant material elsewhere, then here's what you could do: type "related:" plus the address of the site you love without spaces in between, and you'll be treated with a long list of recommendations.

10. Eliminate criteria from your search


The minus symbol, "-" or hyphen, can help you remove all unnecessary elements from your search. If you want to find some interesting books, for example, but don't want to buy one, simply place the "-" symbol on the buy word, as in the image below.

11. Find a page that links to another page


This hack Instead of searching for a specific page, you're looking for a page that links to a specific page.

Think about it this way. If you want to see who mentioned a Ma-No article on their site, you should use this trick to find all the sites that link to it. The syntax is as follows:

This will return all pages that refer to the official website of Ma-No. The URL on the right side can be almost anything.

Be aware, though, that the more specific it is, the less results you'll get. We know that not many people will likely use this Google search trick, but it might be very useful for some.


12. Keep it simple


Now we’re getting into the general tips. Google search knows how to search for a lot of things. What this means is you don’t need to be too specific. If you need a pizza place nearby, use this to search.

  • Italian restaurant nearby

Google search will grab your location and deliver a variety of results about italian restaurant that are near you.



With these expert hacks, your time spent on Google will be significantly reduced.





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