How Technology has Improved the Way We Do Business

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There’s no question that technological advancements are a positive change for many industries, as they contribute to growth and innovation. New hardware and software have completely redefined some industries, and revived old or dying ones, with improvements in efficiency, standards, processes, and connection and communication.

It’s tough to find a commercial industry that hasn’t been affected by new technologies. While there are some negatives, the majority of change is positive and has brought new, streamlined ways of doing business, or bridged gaps in societal needs like improved healthcare and education. Here are some of the major ways technological advancements and the Internet have changed the way you operate your business.


Increased access


The greatest change is how the Internet has brought people from all parts of the world together online. Businesses can communicate from almost anywhere and reach other companies or customers around the globe in seconds. New business relationships can be formed remotely, and hiring remote workers is a possibility to globalize your company. You can receive and ship product around the world, reaching new markets, and advertise anywhere to appeal to new customers. You can even expand your business to other countries. The solutions are almost endless, thanks to the open channels on the Internet.


Higher customer satisfaction


Your customers can now reach your business at any time of day from anywhere if they need to talk to a customer service representative, allowing your brand to improve its customer service. Social media has become the number one advertising platform for businesses around the world, so having a presence online and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter does wonders for customer satisfaction. Live chats are another convenient way to be available to your customers in case they need immediate assistance, so consider adding that feature to your website if you haven’t already (or have a social media manager available to answer inquiries directly from Facebook or Instagram messages).

Increased availability also helps push customer satisfaction higher. For example, you have a store in New York with social media presence and fans all over the United States, Canada, Europe, and the United Kingdom. If you only have one store, your fans and potential customers in other countries won’t be able to physically walk in and purchase something, but with an e-commerce platform they can order it. Offering free shipping or a good online return policy does wonders for customer satisfaction as well – just ask Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.


More choice


The Internet has also brought forth websites that compare prices from different service providers so you know if you’re getting the best price for your service. If you want to compare hotel or airfare costs for business trips, or compare business energy costs with a website like Utility Bidder, you can and then make an informed decision before purchasing, subscribing, or committing to a contract.




In factories, warehouses, grocery stores, and fast food restaurants, there are machines designed to increase productivity through efficiency. Sometimes a human’s speed just isn’t enough, especially compared to a machine or AI that is programmed to be better at their job. While there are concerns about automation being a job-killer, it could actually be the opposite.

Robotics is one aspect, and using automated checkouts or ordering systems is another, but automating certain processes like talent acquisition, customer marketing, and some human resources practices can be widely beneficial. Time-consuming tasks like searching through job applicants, on-boarding new staff, managing employee timesheets, and sending out marketing materials can be automated with web-based software to allow your staff to focus on more important tasks.



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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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