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Weekly Design and Development News

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by admin admin Date: 26-05-2013 webdesign webdevelopment web resources design tips tutorials

This is our weekly article were we share our favorite design or development related articles, resources and cool tidbits of the week.

Enjoy :) !

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The History of Typography

Adobe Pulls the Plug on Fireworks


Don’t Blame Flat UI for your Design Problems


Designing Disqus Gravity



The Colors of Dribbble

Great Programmers Write Debuggable Code


Speeding up your Webfonts


Designing For A Maturing Android


Contact Form in HTML5 and CSS3 for Dummies


Responsive Retina-Ready Menu


Responsive Layout Design Templates


fartscroll.js – Everyone farts, and now your web pages can too


instano.js – Instantly detect if JavaScript is disabled


Contextinator – Divide your web browsing sessions into projects


CSS3 Pong with Working Scoring System


Dunked – Create your online portfolio without learning code


Freebie: iPhone 5 Sketch Template


Freebie: App Icon Templates


Freebie: 200 Micro (16px) Icons


Freebie: Flat File Icons


Symbol Icons – 1239 FREE Symbol Icons


Freebie: Responsive Grid PSD for Bootstrap


Palacio Free Font



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