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by Janeth Kent Date: 27-03-2020 images free tools optimization compression

Our monitors are getting better and better and, of course, we want to make them profitable by enjoying images with an increasing resolution when we browse. The problem is that this only increases the weight of the web pages, slowing down their load (and thus degrading the user's experience). Something similar applies to the images we send through email and messaging apps.

Therefore, it is essential to have tools that allow us to reduce the 'weight' of the images we have to send or post on the Internet, and all this losing the least amount of quality possible. Below, we have selected some of the most popular ones.

We have chosen as a reference to compare the level of compression of the tools, a 4.74 Mb image.


Optimizilla supports both JPEG and PNG files. One of its strong points is that it offers an interactive slider that allows to compare the before (uncompressed) and after (compressed) of each image.

It is useful if we want to compress many images simultaneously: it allows us to upload 20 files at a time, and set a different compression level for each one.

Keeping the 89% quality that comes predefined by the tool, we have achieved that our test file is reduced to 1.1 Mb of weight.


Image converters, resizer, editor, rotator, memo generator... ILoveIMG seems to have all kinds of tools for online images. Among them, of course, a compressor   that allows us to upload images from our computer, or from Google Drive or Dropbox.

Very comfortable to be used from the mobile, this tool allows to compress several images at the same time, and its performance is remarkable, having managed to compress our example image up to 952 Kb in size.


EzGIF is another example of a web that groups multiple tools related to images (including GIF generation). Among these, besides utilities to generate GIFs we will find, separately, compressors of GIFsPNGsJPGs images, being the only one with this last function. All of them have a limit of 35 Mb per image.

Another function that does not have the competition: In the case of JPGs, EzGIF allows us to indicate the maximum size we want the image to be compressed, and the tool is in charge of calculating the level of compression needed.

When we start to compress, applying a predetermined quality level of 80%, the resulting test file weighed 917 Kb. is a tool that offers two types of compression: one 'lossless' (available only for JPG and PNG images) and another 'lossy', also available for GIF and SVG images.

Its user interface is simple and, like Optimizilla, it offers us the option of comparing the two versions of the file, compressed and original, using a slider. The bad thing is that its maximum limit for the size of the files to be compressed is only 10 Mb.


GiftOfSpeed is a platform with up to 19 tools aimed at optimizing the loading time of the websites. The image compressor and resizer, allows us to set a certain level of compression, and alter both the width and height of the image while compressing it.

Our example image was subjected to a compression level of 80 (default setting) and went from 4.74 Mb to 911 Kb. is a tool that supports JPG, PNG and GIF files. Although it has payment options (the cheapest option is $5 per month), it offers (as long as we register) a free option for images up to 1 Mb and a maximum of 100 Mb per month.

It gives us the option to upload a ZIP file that groups all our images to be compressed, or to import them from several cloud hosts (Google Drive, Dropbox and Box). It has its own cloud to keep the images there compressed until we need them.

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