How to Create Animated Stickers With Sound On Whatsapp

by Luigi Nori Date: 08-09-2020 whatsapp stickers

WhatsApp recently introduced the new feature to send animated stickers and has progressively launched packages with these new stickers that move and make the conversation more dynamic. Many users already use them, but perhaps what they don't know is that these stickers can also be sent to contacts with built-in sounds.

The animated stickers can be created and sent with sound, although it is not inside the sticker but it is played in parallel

That is, you can not only send stickers that move, but do so to the rhythm of a piece of music. It should be noted that the sound will not be inside the sticker itself, it will only be played in parallel and at the same time the image is moving, but it will attract a lot of attention.

To achieve this effect on the moving stickers there are different ways. Here we present each of them:

  • Copy them from other users: this is perhaps a very obvious and simple option to access these animated stickers with sounds. If you are already receiving these types of animated stickers with music, you can take them and send them to other contacts without any problem.
  • With the help of an editing app: you can locate a conventional music editor in the app store. Most of these tools allow you to record sounds or cut out music pieces to extract them and use them on other platforms. Then, just select it and attach it to the WhatsApp animated sticker, and that's it, you have your sticker moving to the rhythm of the music that plays separately but simultaneously.
  • Apps to create animated stickers: yes, there are already some mobile applications on Android that help users to have animated stickers with sounds. Some are to create them, while others have a long list of animated stickers with sound already created. It's just a matter of locating the one you want to share, select it and send it through WhatsApp.

This option is ideal, in case you do not want to manage your own sound editing, although you will have to download another app. There are many, such as "WAstickerapps" or "Create sticker memes", but if you use the Google Play or iOS search engine you will see that there are many more.

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