The new features coming to the Google search engine in autumn 2020

by Luigi Nori Date: 18-10-2020 google searchengine serp

Google has included important improvements in its search engine, applying Artificial Intelligence, to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for. It has also announced new features in Google Lens and other search tools. The main novelties are the following:

Many of the announced improvements involve the use of Artificial Intelligence tools

Improved spelling

According to Google, one in 10 searches is misspelled by users, either with misspellings or typographical errors when spelling words. The company has the function "Maybe he meant..." but sometimes it is not enough to find the search that the user who misspelled the word wants.

That's why it has now incorporated an improvement to its search algorithm that allows it to compare 680 million parameters to better understand the context of the user's search, to find what he wants even if he didn't spell it right.

More information sources

Google has added new information sources to provide additional data and answers to searches. Much of this information was already in the possession of the search engine, but was not integrated with the search engine. So, for example, when looking for a job in a particular city, if Google has the information, it will also provide graphs of the average salary for that position in the city.

Indexation by parts 

Google will now also allow your system to index parts of pages separately in order to provide better answers to more specific questions. Thus, the user will be directed to the part of the page where that particular question is resolved. According to Google, this will improve the 7% of the total daily searches performed.

Voice recognition on video 

From now on, Google will be able to recognize parts of videos and tag the keywords of the message communicated in them. Thus, even if the creator of a video has not tagged its content, it will be able to appear in the results of specific searches.

Improvements in Google Lens 

Now users will be able to ask the Google app to read them an excerpt from a book, regardless of the language, just by taking a picture of it with Google Lens.

Improvements in purchases 

Google has also improved the way to shop in Chrome and the Google mobile app. Now, by clicking on any product that appears in the search results, other related products will be shown.

Live information on Google Maps

From now on, additional information with augmented reality will be shown on Google Maps. When you point your camera at a restaurant, for example, its opening hours will be displayed. It will also indicate how busy that site is in real time.

by Luigi Nori Date: 18-10-2020 google searchengine serp hits : 3665  
Luigi Nori

Luigi Nori

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