Google Maps updates and now shows gas prices at gas stations

by Luigi Nori Date: 21-01-2021 google maps geolocalization

Any help, no matter how small, that can make our daily life easier is welcome; for example, Google Maps has allowed us to move from one corner to another is practically a piece of cake and, currently, it is the map application par excellence. And if we tell you that it has recently launched a new and super useful feature? We recommend that you do not lose detail of this article.

If you have a car or a motorcycle, surely more than once you have found yourself in the predicament of not having fuel and having to refuel urgently, so you have resorted to the Google Maps app to find where the nearest gas station was. Well, now, you will be grateful for the new facility that this application will bring to your life.

A help to our pocket

As good savers, it always comes in handy to compare prices between one and another, but with little fuel this going from one place to another is not the best of ideas, Well, now, Google Maps will show you the prices of gasoline in your app.

You only have to consult the gas station's file and you will immediately see the price per liter of gasoline and diesel, in addition to the information that used to provide until now; contact information, opening hours, user ratings, etc.

What do I have to do?

To enjoy this new feature, you just have to update the application and make sure you have the latest version. Then, you can search for the word "gas station" in the app and you will see the ones closest to you and, if you click on each one of them, the price of the fuel.

You can also click on the "view list" option so that you can see the price of all gas stations at once. With this option, it will only show you the price of unleaded 95 (SP95), but if you click on it, you will be able to see all the prices.

Volatile prices

It is important to emphasize that prices are indicative; the price of fuel is highly variable and there may be slight variations in price from one day to the next that Google Maps cannot register at the time. Also, the app has only been active in Spain for a few days, so it may be that some gas stations do not yet have a detailed price.

So, to avoid possible scares, check at the gas station itself that the price of gasoline is what you are willing to pay.

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Luigi Nori

Luigi Nori

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