4 Strategies to Improve Youtube Marketing

4 Strategies to Improve  YouTube Marketing
by admin admin Date: 09-06-2017 youtube marketing tips

In just a few years, YouTube has quickly gone from being an entertainment site to the world’s second largest search engine. As the demand for more video content online increases, YouTube isn’t just used for watching funny videos of cats (although it just wouldn’t be the same without them)!

As more and more businesses and marketers migrate from television to digital marketing platforms, business owners are increasingly finding that a YouTube channel for their company has become just as important as a website and social media profiles. But, just being on YouTube isn’t going to get you noticed amidst the millions of videos uploaded daily, and all those cats.

So, how do you make your YouTube channel stand out? Let’s take a look at some of the best strategies.

Tip #1. Use Eye-catching Graphics:

When they first land on your YouTube channel, visitors don’t just want to see relevant flicks that they can browse through. They also want to find a layout and design that is visually appealing to them. To achieve this, you can design a unique YouTube banner which will set you apart from other channels, especially those of your competition. For the best results, put together a banner which is consistent with all your visual branding efforts. For example, use your logo and make sure that it fits in with your website’s color scheme to ensure an instantly recognizable brand.

Tip #2. Write Interesting Descriptions:

You (or your SEO guy) probably know the basics of optimizing a blog post for search, for example, keyword research and placement. But, how do you optimize a video? Video content can’t be put through search engine algorithms in the same way as written text, however, what search engine crawlers do pick up on is the video description. Here is your opportunity to get those keywords in and make sure that you’re targeting the right viewers. However, it’s important not to focus on keywords alone – your description must make sense! Above all, it should be written with the users in mind.

Tip #3. Utilize Link-Building Opportunities:

Today, it’s not uncommon for visitors to go through your social media profile or YouTube channel before landing on your website and browsing your products or services. If they were given a good impression from what they’ve seen elsewhere on the web, then it’s going to be more likely that the click turns into a follow or even a purchase. So, make sure that interested viewers have an easy way of accessing your website and social media profiles from your YouTube channel to find out more. A simple way to do this is to make sure that links are included in every video description.

Tip #4. Share!

Lastly, the great thing about YouTube videos is that they can be embedded almost anywhere and are easy to share. Each video that you create and upload should be shared to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to maximize their exposure and increase your total views.

Share your own tips for YouTube success in the comments below!

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