The best free tools for linkbuilding

What will the best free link building tools for SEO be this year? Have a look at our list of must-have tools for link building

by Janeth Kent Date: 23-12-2020 seo marketing google linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is one of the main factors in improving the SEO positioning of a page. Having a profile of inbound links from pages with great authority can mean the difference between appearing at the top of the search engine or not.

However, practicing linkbuilding, both in text and images, is one of the tasks that require more time and effort from SEO professionals, as it is a complex process that requires dedication. In this sense, to facilitate this task it is possible to have tools, some paid and others free, which will help carry out the tasks and speed up the process. We are going to recommend some of the ones you can use without having to pay for them:

- Google: When looking for link building opportunities, one of the best tools you can use is Google. Using the search engine you can find resource pages, websites that allow collaboration and pages that have a links section. To refine the search you can use the so-called "Google search shortcuts" which are a series of commands entered in the search that allow you to search by hashtags, limit the search, exclude words...

- Google Alerts: With this tool it is possible to receive an alert every time someone mentions a web page or a person, allowing professionals to be aware of all mentions and to contact these pages to place a link.

It is also possible to see all the content published on a keyword, to find pages, blogs and users dealing with the same subject to contact, as well as to know when the competition is mentioned and to find out what they are saying about them.

1. Google Sheets: Google spreadsheets are also a good tool for linkbuilding. With them it is possible to manage the workflow, analysing the information to find potential clients, creating lists of opportunities or keeping a record of all the links successfully created.

2. Check My Links: This is a browser extension that scans any web page for broken links. It is a good tool for scanning a web page for link building opportunities.

3. Hunter: Although this tool has some payment options, it is possible to use the free version to discover the e-mails of those responsible for websites in which you are interested in placing a link.

4. SEO Quake: An extension that offers a suite of SEO tools with which to visualise all the SEO metrics of a page, analyse the SERPs and export them in a CSV file, analyse the difficulty of the keywords used by the page, examine the internal and external links or carry out a complete SEO audit.

5. Link Explorer

Moz has introduced the ‘search engine for links’ people can use to research and compare websites and do so without paying any fee. Right now, you can use the advantage of having your own little helper while making important choices regarding your link building.

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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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