How To Take Your Website Up A Notch

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In order to get your website off the ground then you’re going to want to learn how best to get it noticed and clicked on. If you’re just starting to build your website, then you will need to know how to optimize your site’s success from the very beginning. If building a website is relatively new to you, you will need to get as much advice and expertise on creating your dream website design as you possibly can. If you’re someone who hasn’t yet grasped how to get the most of your digital marketing and your website is starting to fail, then you need to perform some emergency intervention to get it back in good health again.

Make Social Media Work For You

Social media is powerful as you will know, and harnessing its power is going to help you take your website up a notch. If you’re not incorporating other social platforms into your website, then you’re seriously missing a trick. If your website is trying to sell your product, then it is especially important you use social media in order to reach a larger audience. As you reach a larger audience, you’ll naturally see your sales increase as you’ve attracted more of an audience. Without advertising and marketing, you won’t be able to increase traffic and take your website up a notch. You need to be using all the social media platforms available to you if you’re going to attract as many more people to your website.

YouTube And Facebook

Start a YouTube account and post video content on a channel that features the name of your brand. YouTube uses video to engage viewers as video is stimulating and interactive, not to mention easy too. Clicking a play button is far easier than reading through lengthy paragraphs of text, so see what making videos could do for you. You should be thinking of getting involved in advertising on Facebook too. Facebook has nearly 2 billion users so getting your name circulating on Facebook is certainly going to be worthwhile. If digital marketing is not your forte, don’t be afraid to employ the services of a professional like a Facebook Advertising Consultant, and get your website the helping hand it needs. Think about starting a LinkedIn profile and explain what your company does and your focus.

Know Your Audience

You should find out who is viewing and enjoying your content so that you can create more of what is popular. You can discover who is using your content with the help of online tools and then you can craft more material relative to what is in demand. If you wish to find out what is most popular about your website, then add a comment section at the foot of your site. You can also ask your viewers to rate your website using a five-star system, or by reviewing your material and leaving praise or constructive criticism. By doing this, you’ll also engage with your audience and establish an interactive relationship, and this is crucial for keeping hold or regular guests as they feel they have a personal attachment to you, however small and inconsequential to may seem.

Blogging And Vlogging

Get blogging (or vlogging!) and drive traffic to your website. You will need to link your blog to your website and vice versa so that you’re able to attract viewers on these two different platforms. You need to get your name out there and creating video content is the way to go because, as aforementioned, video is interactive and easy to follow. If you know who your target market is, then you can create content you’re sure will appeal to your audience. From here, you can keep hold of the viewers you already have while attracting more. Your blog should have some relevance to your website while it’s still in its infancy. Once your blog has gained reputation and popularity, however, you can branch out further into new territories. Your blog can feature everyday occurrences from your life, for example. Keep your blog simple and relevant and be sure to link, plug, and name drop yourself at every available opportunity.

Strong Design

Having an aesthetically pleasing appearance to your website is more effective than you might think. A strong and attractive design will attract the eye of viewers and maintain their focus. If you’re able to attract and engage your audience, then you stand a strong chance of them staying on your website as opposed to clicking off yours and finding another site to roam. You need your website to stand out and communicate something that is unique, whether that is content or its appearance. Consider the user journey and make sure your website is unfussy and easy to use, with a large pop-up menu. Viewers want an easy online journey to finding what they want, so use a good navigation system and keep it simple. You need your website to look and feel professional and to communicate your brand accurately.


Humour is a great way to engage your audience, and if you can make someone laugh, then you’ve secured their attention. Try and find ways of injecting some humor into the way you write your blog posts as long as the content is relevant and inoffensive. There is a right way of adding humor to your website, and there’s a wrong way so if you have any reservations about posting something, make sure you’ve asked someone to check the content before you share it.


People love free items, that’s just a fact. Think about running a short competition or quiz on your website or blog and ask others to complete the questions. Advertise the chance to win something for free on your social media platforms and announce what the prize is and how customers can win. Once the competition winner has been announced, you can ask them whether they might consider mentioning you over on their website or blog. Ask them whether they might even link your website to the content. This way, you’ll be able to get your name seen by a larger audience while driving traffic, and taking your website up a notch.


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