26 Free Typeface-Font Ebooks For Designers

26 Free Typeface-Font eBooks for Designers
by Janeth Kent Date: 05-06-2013 font typefaces design ebooks pdf

Since as far back as the 1450s, typefaces have been used in printing ( Do you remember Gutemberg? His major work, the Gutenberg Bible, also known as the 42-line Bible, has been acclaimed for its high aesthetic and technical quality.). Lead alloys were often cast into letters (or wood was substituted with its own separate wood type typefaces) and laid out for printing purposes.
Much later in the 1950s-1970s, it became possible to produce printed type with phototypesetting using high resolution images of each character of a typeface. Early digital typesetters also started to appear in the 1970s.

Here we have listed 26 very useful typeface and font basics eBooks for designers.

Adobe – Designing Multiple Master Typefaces


Technical Guidelines for Designing Multiple Master Tyepfaces

Chapter 1 Overview of Multiple Master Typefaces

Chapter 2 Technical Design Guidelines

Chapter 3 Multiple Master Font Naming Conventions

Adobe’s Typeface Design Process

Part 1 Design Considerations

Part 2 Adobe’s Multiple Master Typeface Design Process


Choosing a Typeface – Personality and Functionality

Read The E-book


Typography Basics: Typeface Classifications

Read The E-book


Balancing Typeface Legibility and Economy

Read The E-book


A Brief History of Typefaces

Read The E-book


Impression Management Using Typeface Design

Read The E-book


Choosing a typeface for reading

Read The E-book


What is the Right Typeface For Text?

Read The E-book


Adobe – Typographic Terms

Read The E-book


Introduction to Font Characteristics

Read The E-book


An Evaluation of Typeface Design in a Text-Rich Automotive User Interface

Read The E-book


The Right Font for the Job

Read The E-book


The Typographer’s Glossary

Read The E-book


Meet Your Type

Read The E-book


Erik Spiekermann’s Typo Tips

Read The E-book


Typeface Anatomy

Read The E-book


What is OpenType?

Read The E-book



Read The E-book


Helvetica – Complements and Alternatives

Read The E-book



Read The E-book


Free Fonts Are Not Always Free

Read The E-book


27 Page Type Classification eBook

Read The E-book


Understanding Typography Concepts

Read The E-book


Typography and Readability

Read The E-book


Typography Basics


Read The E-book

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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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