How to Record a Streaming Video

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Nowadays, online video streaming sites provide a lot of good TV shows that can be watched for free. You like to watch movies from your favourite video streaming site, but you just couldn't find the time to watch them online. For example, you need to go to work and you want to save the movie to your computer so that you can watch it during lunch break at work. They don't put a download button for you to download the movie directly, but you can use alternative solutions such as using a screen recorder or a video downloader tool to record streaming video.

Screen recorder is used for recording your screen. You can open the video URL and let the video play while using your screen recorder to record that part of the screen that shows the video playing. Any screen recorder will work, including free and paid versions. However, free screen recorders have disadvantages like add watermark on the screencast, difficult to set up, cannot record the game in full-screen mode, and not an intuitive interface. Downloading a third party screen recorder is the best option if you want to remove these restrictions.

Movavi Screen Recorder offers a control panel box for you to work with when you are recording a screen. The first step is to point and click your mouse on the video you want to record to set the recording frame over it. From the control panel, you can also choose the resolution of the recording frame. When the orange frame is set over the online video player, you can press F10 on your keyboard or press the REC button on the control panel to start recording.

After the recording stops, you will be redirected to a preview video player that is equipped with a video trimming tool. You can drag the marker to select any unwanted part and press the trash button to delete it. Besides, you can click on the Open in Editor Button to perform edits like resize, crop, draw an arrow, and add text. When you are done, you can click on the Save button to save your screencast.

A video downloader tool allows you to download the video to your computer instead of recording the video on your screen. The advantage is that you don't have to monitor the recording session while waiting for the video to be downloaded. The disadvantage is that some video streaming sites don't allow you to use a video downloading tool to download their videos.

There are two types of video downloading tools including software based and browser extension. If you use a video downloading software, you can download videos on a URL by simply paste the URL. You can paste in URL of the video you want to download from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and AOL. Crunchy-roll, and Vine. The software also lets you paste in the link of the video playlist and video channel to download every single video available.

Video downloading browser extension can be installed from the extension library in your browser. When it is installed, it will add a button near the video player or browser address bar. When you want to download a video, you just click on the button and it will be downloaded to your computer. Sometimes, you have to refresh the page a few times to see the button. Some browser extensions may also install adware on your computer.

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