Google Renovates Maps With 3D, Cards, Social Search

Google renovates Maps with 3D, cards, social search

The new version includes user-generated street views and live images of Earth's cloud patterns. Says Google: The map is the user interface

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Google says taht it has rebuilt Google Maps for the Web with a new version that's more dynamic and social.

The new version takes a page from Google's mobile efforts by putting the search box inside the map and making use of cards -- Google's take on interactive information widgets.

"It's simple and powerful. The map is the user interface", told Bernhard Seefeld told during his speech.


When users click on locations, information about those areas appears on cards. Information can include navigation, which offers a comparison between driving times and public transit times in one spot.

Moreovee maps will offers social results, showing places that friends have reviewed.

The Maps interface features a 3D view, which Google says does not require any additional software or browser plug-ins.

This is a similar experience to what Google has offered in its Earth app. In fact, users can zoom all the way out to see the entire Earth with a live view of clouds.

One other new feature is that images can be uploaded to Google Maps by locations, adding an extra layer of information for people to view.

Google is previewing the new version of the service this week.

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