Read comics online: best websites and apps to download and read digital comics

A collection of websites and applications to download and read digital comics

by Silvia Mazzetta Date: 26-05-2023 comics apps android iOS

Comic book lovers (like us), today we're going to give you a special tribute: a small collection of websites and applications to download and read digital comics, both on your computer and on your mobile devices. You'll be able to access a wide collection of free and paid digital comics, and you'll be able to read them online or even download them for consumption on your device. All the tools are perfectly legal, so they won't suddenly disappear.

The idea of this article is that if you want to start reading digital comics, you have here enough tools to start doing it. You'll find both Western comics and manga, either professional or creations made by the indie community. All tastes and genres have a place here.

If you think we've left out any resource that you consider vital and important for online and digital comics lovers, don't hesitate to leave us your proposals in the comments section.


And the alphabetical order has wanted us to start not with a website or application to download comics or read them online, but with one that serves to visualize those comics you have downloaded to your mobile. In this case, it is an exclusive application for Android, one of the best rated and reads ZIP, RAR, CBZ, CBR files and JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP images.

The application has functions such as being able to scroll through the images, make bookmarks, and viewing modes in horizontal and vertical. You can move the folders where you have the content, see the list or amount of images and crop their margins.

Link to ComicScreen: Android


This is one of the biggest names in the field of buying and selling digital comics, an online store that was bought a few years ago by Amazon, and which stands out for offering the comics of the big publishers, such as Marvel, DC, Dark Horse or Image among others. It also has indie comics for sale.

The page focuses on selling the American editions of the comics, which means that most of them you'll find them in English. In addition to a complete catalog and perfectly organized into sections, you'll also find other interesting sections, such as the section of free comics or packs on offer.

Links to ComiXology: Official websiteAndroid e iOS

Comic Book Plus

If you want to download free comics in a totally legal way, one of the best options is to resort to public domain comics. This means that they are works that no longer have any kind of copyright, so they can be downloaded and distributed completely free. To download these comics you only need to register on their platform.

The page has more than 38,500 comics in its repository, offering you all kinds of categories from different decades of the last century.

Link to Comic Book Plus: Web oficial

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse is one of the great comic book publishers you can find in the industry, and has a web application where you can buy and read a lot of their content online. It offers from mangas to western comics like 'Hellboy', 'The Umbrella Academy', 'Mass Effect' or 'The Witcher' among many others.

In its official application you will find a little bit of everything. Evidently, almost all the content is of payment and you will have to buy the volumes of the sagas that you want to read. However, it also offers you some free content, with some series or episodes that you will be able to read without having to pay.

Links to Dark Horse: Android e iOS

Digital Comic Museum

Another website where you can find thousands of comics in the public domain. This page has a slightly more rudimentary design, although it also offers you a huge amount of material to download.

Most of the comics on the site are quite old, so it's not a place to go if you're looking for modern works. It is useful to know that when you enter the file of one of the comics, you will be able to know its author, its year of publication or even the price they had in their day. The only thing is that you'll need to arm yourself with patience and love for adventure to dive for its categories.

Link to Digital Comic Museum: Web oficial


This is a webtoon portal, which are independent online comics. The predominant style is manga, and it is a portal that mixes free content with paid content, which focuses on allowing independent authors to share their stories with the world. You can find all kinds of genres and content.

Links to Lezhin: Official websiteAndroid e iOS

Marvel Unlimited

And if buying comics separately doesn't suit you, Marvel has another alternative called Marvel Unlimited. This is a flat rate that for $10 a month or $69 a year gives you access to over 28,000 digital comics from the publisher, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Avengers, Star Wars, Deadpool and a whole lot more. You also have a free 7-day trial period.

Links to Marvel Unlimited: Web oficialAndroid e iOS


This is another platform for digital comic book authors to offer their works to everyone without DRM. And by digital comics, we don't mean comics that have been digitized, but independent authors who create their own comics directly in native format.

The distinctive feature of this platform is that it allows you to decide the price you want to pay for the comics. Come on, you can download them for free, although I'm sure the author will appreciate you giving him some money for his work.

Link to PanelSyndicate: Official website


The all-powerful DC Comics also has its own website where you can buy its digitized comics. It has a large number of sections, from the one designed for beginners who want to start to others for their most popular sagas, the essential comics or the recently launched novelties. You must create an account to have all the content you buy.
As an incentive, you will find that it has a section for free comics that is released from time to time, although I warn you that there are usually quite few.

Links to ReadDC: Web oficialAndroid e iOS


Another comic book reader already downloaded for mobile, in this case with versions for both Android and iOS. Come on, it's not exclusive, but you can find it on both platforms. The reader is compatible with the digital comic formats CBZ, CBR and PDF.

This mobile app will allow you to view comics from clouds such as Google Drive and Dropbox among others, but also to load them directly from a URL or from the email. In addition, you can also share individual pages of a comic through other applications, such as WhatsApp.

Links to Readler: Android e iOS


This is a service to access a large amount of amateur comics, much like other services we have seen here. In this case, it is a service with some free content, but it asks for a $9 a month subscription in exchange for access to its entire catalog, in which it offers options such as the family mode to hide adult content.

Links to Toomics: Official websiteAndroid e iOS


This is another page where you will find many independent comics, and in fact offers several exclusive comics after reaching agreements with several of the authors around the world. Here you will find a good collection of daily comics, and some social features to interact with other users.

Here, you will also find that a small part of the content is free, but to access the rest you will need to use their paid service.

Links to WebComics: Official webAndroid e iOS


It is an online platform or community specialized in the publication of independent comics. On this website, creators from all over the world upload their works so that you can access all kinds of titles, whether they are romance, comedy, action, fantasy or horror. You can consume their device both from their official website and in their mobile applications.

The platform allows you to create an account so you can centralize in it the histories of everything you have read or to be notified of new episodes of your favorites. You can also access a social community where you can leave your comments. The website offers most of its content for free, but also has a system of virtual currencies to acquire content that is paid or exclusive access in advance.

Links to Webtoon: Official WebsiteAndroid e iOS


And we're almost done with WeComics, a final application for consuming independent comics. The idea is that if with all the previous ones you haven't managed to find anything you like, well here's another similar one with even more comics of all types and genres. Some are free, but in many you'll have to pay to unlock their episodes and read them in full.

Links to WeComics: Official WebsitesAndroid e iOS

And we finish our list with the best known

Google Play Books

The Google mobile reading application is also ready to read comics. In fact, it incorporates interesting options such as highlighting bullet points so you never get lost when you're reading and there's a lot of text. However, to use the application you will have to buy the comics separately.

Link to Google Play Books:  Android e iOS

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