Top 7 Potential Tools for Automation Testing

by Janeth Kent Date: 12-02-2021 automation testingtools

Today's digital economy has significantly changed how organizations deliver products and services. Many organizations are gravitating towards smart methodologies and automated tools to spark customer interest in their products and increase revenue to ensure quality and speedy deliveries.

These testing tools help organizations to determine the expected and actual product delivery outcomes for decision-making purposes. But then, investing in the right tool has not been easy considering the long list of options available today.

If you are undecided on the tool to use, this article is for you. Below are seven tools that deserve your attention.


Screenshot from Selenium’s homepage

This tool has evolved in different aspects to become an industry giant for application testing--primarily for web application automation testing.

Popular for its compatibility with almost every operating system and browser out there, it is also relatively easy to use with several programming languages.  

If you want to remain competitive and grow your business, this tool is worth investing in for result-oriented testing. It comes free, making it a great option for small businesses.


Screenshot from Appium’s homepage

If you're in search of a mobile automation testing tool, Appium should top your list. It is a popular tool among mobile app developers designed to deliver every type of application you know. With Appium, mobile app developers can provide top-quality applications that add value to the user.

One of its most striking features is the automation of applications using several programming languages or frameworks, both on Android and iOS. Meaning, you do not need to master several languages to use this tool. Nor do you need an SDK or recompilation when testing native apps on Appium.

With thousands of newly developed applications available for test automation, you have to be smart to beat the competition. Appium is one of the best tools you can use for this purpose.

HPE Unified Functional Testing (UFT)

Screenshot from Microfocus’ page

HPE UFT is one of the best platforms that you can use to determine how automated testing is working for you. One of its most valuable attributes is technological compatibility, whether with browsers, operating systems, or application types.

Additionally, this tool is based on reusable testing components that make it an excellent pick. You can also benefit from its integration with other tools that enable sharing of test results across platforms. It comes with a smart information feature and an easy-to-understand user interface.


Screenshot from Cucumber’s page

When it comes to behavior-driven development, consider Cucumber for the best results. It features an internal language called Gherkin to define tests and also support other languages.

There are various reasons why this tool is a worthwhile investment for an automation tester. The first reason is that it comes completely free and thus a good pick for cost-effectiveness. Cucumber is also easy to set up and does not require any programming or coding skills.

It is worth noting that Cucumber only supports testing on the web environment. Also noteworthy: Delivering an enhanced user experience is its primary objective.


Screenshot from TestComplete’s page

TestComplete is another powerful automation testing tool that you shouldn't overlook. It allows users to implement testing techniques depending on their needs and product line and supports various scripting languages, making it easy for anyone to use.

With TestComplete's latest version, the platform has made installation very easy. You can integrate it with lots of other tools and make it work even more efficiently. Check out some other features like record and replay that make it even better.


Screenshot from Soap UI’s page

SoapUI by Smartbear is one of the best tools you can consider as an automation tester. With a long list of comprehensive features, there is no easier way to do API tests. It comes in the open-source and Pro versions depending on the user's needs and choices.

SoapUI simplifies testing with a host of features that beginners and experienced users can easily use. You can choose to upgrade to the Pro version that comes with an even friendlier interface.

Being specifically designed for API, you can be sure of the best testing results. The platform has a new version 5.6 released in July 2020 with several improvements for seamless API testing.

Telerik Test Studio

Screenshot from Telerik Test Studio’s page

Telerik Test Studio is one of the best automation testing tools you can use.  It works perfectly for mobile and web devices with a heap of excellent features to ensure you get accurate test results.

Crafting automated tests is seamless with this tool. Besides, you can integrate it easily into your organization’s CI/CD processes, helping you detect and respond to problems in your agile workflow.

It is compatible with various browsers and therefore easy to use. Users can also monitor their progress using the video recording and playback feature and make any required adjustments.

You can use any language that works for you. It can be anything from real coding to scripture languages. Its creative recording features and parallel test capabilities also make it a great tool for automation testing in organizations.

Final Thoughts

Although this isn't an exhaustive list of automation testing tools, it represents the best seven you can find on the market. These tools will help your organization ensure quality delivery with speed--and support Agile and DevOps transformation in your business operations.

When picking an automation testing tool from this list, ensure it provides smart solutions and is easy to use. It should also support various languages and be compatible with different tools and operating systems.

It is also worth remembering that every tool has its good and bad sides. Do thorough background checks on every tool recommended in this post and choose the one that best meets your organizational needs.  

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