5 Fool-Proof Ideas For Location-Based Apps

by Luigi Nori Date: 01-04-2020 mobile apps utilities

Like it or not, geolocation is a part of our everyday lives. In fact, you’ll find the technology pre-installed on 90% of the apps currently living on your smartphone. Location-based apps are here to stay, which makes them a lucrative option for mobile app developers looking to take advantage of a fool-proof technology. Looking to integrate geolocation into your next big app idea? Read on for 7 seriously fool-proof ideas for location-based apps. Each fills a need or want lacking in the market today.

#1 An Offers App based on Location

Service-based businesses are the backbone of the economy. We all eat at restaurants, visit salons, and shop regularly. Unfortunately, visiting these places isn’t always easy, nor budget-friendly. An offers app based on location could work to map out nearby restaurants, find parking spots (making visiting a breeze) or by offering discounts based on businesses in close proximity. Let’s say you’re walking down an avenue in a busy urban town and you’re not sure where to eat or what to do. Simply open up the app and look at nearby offers. Location based technologies software was basically designed to cater to such an idea.

#2 Location-Based Messaging Apps

For far too long, people have blamed technology for a lack of social engagement. After all, if you’re hiding out online, then you’re not engaging with people nearby. However, a location-based messaging app could bridge the gap between technology and proximity related social engagement. With the creation of a location-based messaging app, you can enable users to craft and join public chats with individuals living nearby. The messaging tool uses location to find those who are active in a given region and connects them to one another via chat. Voila, engagement achieved!

#3 Support Group Finder

There are times in every life where one needs to reach out for a bit of help or support. Unfortunately, finding a support group that suits your needs isn’t always easy, especially for those who may struggle to search with the correct keywords online. A support group finder would work wonders for those looking for a support group in their current location. Using location-based technologies software, the app could pinpoint a user’s location and then provide a list of all relevant nearby support groups. This could also work as a Sponsor Finder for those struggling with addiction or recovery.

#4 Local Party Finder

Ever traveled to a new city or town only to feel bored after 15 minutes in your hotel room? You’re not alone. When many people travel, they want to get out and experience a taste of what a place truly has to offer. Part of that is engaging in local social events, experiences, and parties. A local party finder could utilize location data to find night activities for travelers or newbies looking for something to do. Bonus points if you could add in offers or discounts to clubs or bars in close proximity.

#5 Health and Fitness Monitoring Apps

A recent study conducted by NYU found that a whopping 58% of all smartphone users have downloaded at least one health or fitness app to their phone. Why not get in on the wellness craze now? Thanks to integrated geolocation services, you can create an app that not only tracks workouts and steps but user patterns. Fitness junkies will love monitoring their health habits, while those looking to simply find a more healthful way of life will enjoy taking advantage of tried and true data.

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Luigi Nori

Luigi Nori

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