How Can Small Businesses Reduce Paper Usage?

How Can Small Businesses Reduce Paper Usage?
by Janeth Kent Date: 26-07-2018 business recycle education go digital

Even in this digital age, many businesses are still using far more paper and cardboard than necessary. What’s more, not near enough companies or individuals are recycling their waste properly. Whether it’s business cards, employee contracts, receipts or packaging goods, businesses can’t find a new way to get around these paper usages, which are seemingly harming the environment.

Having said this, however, many of these can be substituted for digital actions – you can email receipts to customers as well as use online contracts that are signed, you guessed it, online using a digital signature. Disposing of waste produce irresponsibly can incur fines and charges, so it’s crucial that you’re aware of where the law stands (this can differ from state to state) of company waste policy, what can be recycled, and what cannot.


Recycling is far easier than first anticipated; you simply have to get your team involved. Appropriately place recycling bins around the office, such as beside the photocopier, next to desks, and near the fridge. Tell your staff how important the venture is to you, and the company, and ask them to follow in your footsteps. Lead by example, and make sure you recycle when you can. Also showcase other mediums of recycling, such as compressing all your cardboard waste by investing in cardboard baling procedures.

Go Digital

Going digital can save you money. Buying paper supplies and finding a place to store your paper can be costly when compared to the cloud. Send emails instead of posting out letters to your clients and customers and use cloud services and storage instead of having to use workplace laptops and computers onsite – this will help to save vital resources by negating the need to power an office space. When you do have to send letters, consider using a franking machine to save both paper and money. Become more environmentally engaged and help with the effort to save the planet.

Use Emails More

If you have a message to tell, then send an email to those who it relates to. Rather than leave notes such as scrap bits of paper or Post-Its, send an email, Skype message or even a text through company phones. Nowadays there’s no need to use a whole piece of paper for a couple of sentences. If your employees have trouble with this approach, then refrain from buying notepads for those who really don’t need them. Although your content team may need to jot down ideas, others may not.

Through Education

Only through science do humans now understand how fossil fuels work, and how there’s not an infinite amount of them on Earth, meaning that they will be all used up in some years if a concentrated effort to save and converse isn’t launched in the very near future. Consider booking yourself and your team onto a short course to learn about climate change, energy shortages, and the problem of toxic plastic in the oceans, and then how humans can reuse, recycle, and rethink their choices to make for a healthier planet Earth.


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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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