Can Easier Returns Mean Better Business?

by Luigi Nori Date: 26-03-2020 business plugins return

Any eCommerce business owner knows that returns are a part of the packaged deal. At the end of the day, today’s consumer holds all of the power. They are informed, connected, and well-aware that they have a myriad of options for shopping, including being allowed to return products they don’t like. Managing product returns can be complex, especially in the eCommerce space. Yet it is something every business owner has to meet head-on.

Making returns easier isn’t just better for your customers it is better for your business long-term. Customers notice when you make the returns process simple. This impacts overall returns management and greater satisfaction among your customer base. Overall, easier returns mean better business. Let’s explore how you can simply the returns process and why it matters.

Always Have A Thoughtful Return Policy

Nothing will impact your business more negatively than not having a return policy. In fact, 95% of online customers will only complete repeat purchases from merchants who provide a good return or exchange experience. While it can be tempting to just say “no returns,” that’s not going to fly with customers who expect good service and convenience. Why have a written out return policy? Return policies matter for these key reasons:

  • A clear return policy builds trust with your customers

  • Trust increases overall sales

  • It documents what a customer can expect from you and what they can return

  • It communicates the policies of your business internally

Overall, a thoughtful return policy means better business and a great amount of trust.

Make Returns Convenient

Every customer will have different preferences when it comes to what they’re seeking from the returns process. If you can accommodate these preferences, you will put yourself in a better position than your competitors. Some key ways to make returns more convenient are:

  • Utilize Return Merchandise Authorization Extensions as a tool for managing returns and exchanges. Magento 2 plugins are an excellent place to start.

  • Accept eCommerce returns via shipment or in physical stores (if possible)

  • Publish web content specifically outlining your returns process

  • Provide pre-printed return labels

Making the returns process easier by taking the guesswork out of making a return or exchange means happier customers. Happier customers tend to become repeat customers. Thus upping your overall engagement and conversion rates.

Give a Reasonable Time Limit On All Returns

While you want to cater to customers, you also want to protect yourself and your business. That means enacting time limits on your return policy. Generally speaking, you can give your customer 30, 60, or 90 days to return an item. This will prevent customers from attempting to return items they purchased many months ago or even years ago. If you don’t set a return time limit, customers can and will take advantage of you. Many will even go so far as to return used items!

Articulate a reasonable time limit in your return policy. This will prevent you from taking inventory that you’ll have to markdown or simply get rid of. Additionally, you should allow some discretion from your employees. For example, if a customer wants to return something 32 days past a 30-day return policy, your customer service reps may benefit from fudging the rules. Additionally, you may want to consider adjusting your return policy around the holidays. Generally, this means extending your policy to accommodate both last-minute shoppers and those who shop early.

The Takeaway

Easier returns can mean better business, but you’ll have to take the steps necessary to ensure your customers are happy. Returns should be simple, Magento 2 plugins should be used, and a clear return policy should be outlined in a notable place on your site.

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