How to Find Trending Topics for Your Blog?

One of the huge determinants of a blog’s success is the content. Trending blogs with useful contents are always amazing. On the other hand, a blog with content that does not change or improve lives is useless. One of the key responsibilities of any blogger is to create content that will help the target market. This means finding the trending topics and focusing on creating the best content.

Trending topics usually ignite interest in the hearts and minds of readers. If your blog records high traffic, it means people are interested in what your blog offers. In short, they are interested in what you offer. And you can only offer what you are interested in.

If you’ve been wondering where the most successful bloggers find trending topics for their blogs, this article will help you out. Read on!

Best places to find trending topics

If something is trending and it ignites your interest, it will probably ignite your readers’ interest too. Before choosing a topic, it’s important to look at it and think like a reader. Ask yourself questions that will help you discover if the topic is worth your time and energy.

A few years ago, it would have been very difficult to know where to find trending blog topics. The internet has made most aspects of our lives easier including finding trending blog posts for our blogs. Here are some of the best online tools to use to find trending topics.


This is hardly an introduction. Twitter has made it easier for bloggers to find trending topics by directly listing the current trends on the profile and homepage. It’s still stands out as the best way to find trending cultural and political topics as well as the mood and opinions of the nation. Such topics are not important for bloggers but also for students. When students use Twitter, they ask themselves, “Can it even do my homework for me when I am busy? Yes, it can help you out. You can always check out the global trends of the country of your choice or search the hashtags.

Google trends

Google has a variety of analytical services to provide to people on a global scale. Google Trends is one of the best options to use to find trending topics. You can search for the topic of your choice on this platform and find out the volume it has received.

You can also filter your search to improve your findings and make your results more targeted. You can always research and explore a topic in-depth by localizing details and targeting your keywords.

Social Mention

This is a smart tool that assesses content in several websites. It not only limits itself to huge networks like Facebook and Twitter but also analyzes more than one hundred sites including YouTube, Digg and Friend Feed to name a few.

It analyzes any site that hosts content generated by users to find trending topics. Social Mention also lists a number of influencers who can help you find trending topics. Influencers usually post on social media platforms topics that are engaging and have a huge following.


Keyhole is an amazing tool that helps you keep track of hashtags across the popular social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It operates like Google Alerts however; Keyhole is mainly focused on social media.

This tool allows you to set an alert for a specific topic and analyze it. If you have adequate resources, hiring someone to monitor all the mentions of a specific topic and respond to them will greatly improve your chances of success.


Buzzfeed is a simple tool that grew by posting trending topics. You can always be sure that the people who post at Buzzfeed know the trending topics. One great thing about Buzzfeed is it displays trends for everyone to see on the right side of the homepage.

Therefore, finding the trending topics through this site is quite easy. This tool will help you learn how to frame your titles to increase traffic for your blog.


The advancement of technology has made most aspects of our lives easier including finding trending topics. One of the most important responsibilities of any blogger is finding the trending topics and creating great content.

Readers will sacrifice their time to read relevant and engaging content. The topic will be a huge determinant of these two factors. Therefore, it’s important to allocate time to look for trending topics using the tools listed above.

These tools are easy and convenient to use. The good thing about all them is they don’t charge anything. Start using them today and see how your performance improves.

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