Is Lorem Ipsum Useful? 25 Useful and Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Is Lorem Ipsum Useful? 25 Useful and funny Lorem Ipsum Generators

Twenty-five alternative dummy content generators

Lorem ipsum represents a long-held tradition for designers, typographers and the like. Some people hate it and argue for its demise, but others ignore the hate as they create awesome tools to help create filler text for everyone.

Is Lorem Ipsum Useful?

John McGarvey writes the following for .Net Magazine:

“Latin placeholder text isn’t just a simple nuisance. It’s a plague on web design, a massive obstacle to building truly great online experiences. There’s no need for it in a world where content goes right to the heart of every successful website.” – John McGarvey

The argument that John makes is sound: that designers shouldn’t be using dummy text in place of relevant content. We completely agree that designers should place content first! Start with content, then add structure, a logical progression of thought and aesthetic styling.

That being said, saying that there’s absolutely no need for filler text is definitely shortsighted. From the small perspective that McGarvey frames the argument, he’s right. However, we can see that there are still tons of possible and legitimate uses for lorem ipsum.

Our point is, think twice about using filler content when you have the power to do otherwise but don’t hesitate to realize that there are legitimate situations where tossing in some placeholder copy won’t represent the utter destruction of the integrity of the design industry.

With that argument out of the way, we will take a look at twenty-five alternative dummy content generators you can use to fill up your theme or layout with unique text. Enjoy!

1. Hipster Ipsum


2. Heisenberg Ipsum

3. Swearem Ipsum

4. Hodor Ipsum


5. Mainer Ipsum

6. Dalek Ipsum


7. Lebowski Ipsum


8. Pirate Ipsum

9. Chuck Ipsum


10. TV Ipsum

11. Cat Ipsum

12. Pommy Ipsum


13. Fillerati

14. Cheese Ipsum

15. Ipsum Generators

16. Gag Ipsum

17. Poke Ipsum

18. Cupcake Ipsum

19. Loripsum

20. Picksum Ipsum

21. Hairy Ipsum

22. Cafe Ipsum

23. Samuel L. Ipsum

24. Lorizzle

25. Zombie Ipsum


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