50 Fresh Tools For Developers and Designers

50 Fresh Tools for Developers and Designers

50 tools to help build your site and save your time

by Janeth Kent Date: 08-07-2013 web tools tips resources tester designers development CSS HTML Frameworks

Web developers and web designers regularly look for new resources, tools and services to make the search of these ever-growing techniques easier. This overview presents some of the most useful round-ups of time-savers, tools and services for Web designers.

As every designer or developer knows, anything that can save you just a little bit of time everyday is truly priceless. Here we have listed 50 fantastic web design tools and resources that have one common goal: to offer a time-saving solution to many of the modern design and development issues you may have.

The article has been split into into the following categories: CSS & HTML ToolsCSS, HTML & PHP FrameworksJavascript ToolsJavscript Frameworks and finally Web Based Apps.

CSS & HTML Tools

CSS Trashman


CSS Trashman will automatically refactor your CSS and generate a new stylesheet for your site. It works by examining your site's live DOM in the browser and reverse engineering a new, more elegant definition that captures styles down to the pixel.


Prepros is a web based app that will compile Less, Sass, Scss, Compass, Coffeescript, Stylus, Jade, Slim, Markdown and Haml files with live browser refresh.

CSS Modal

CSS Modal is built out of pure CSS and they work on all screen sizes from a small mobile phone up to high resolution screens.


piCSSel-art is a drawing app to draw pixel art and get it in CSS.


Preboot is a comprehensive and flexible collection of LESS utilities.


Diagnostic CSS stylesheet that helps visually detect any potentially invalid, inaccessible or erroneous HTML markup.


Markdown.css is a web based tool for making regular HTML look like plain-text Markdown.


Popline is a HTML5 Rich-Text-Editor toolbar that will float around the selected text.

Validatr – Cross Browser HTML5 Form Validation


Glue is a handy command line tool for generating CSS sprites.

CSS Embed

CSSEmbed is a small tool to automate embedding data URIs in CSS files.

LESS Prefixer

LESS Prefixer is a set of LESS mixins that let you use vendor-prefixed CSS properties without the prefixes. It uses some simple conventions and gets out of the way so you can use the CSS you already know, but with less typing.

csscss -A CSS Redundancy Analyze

csscss is a Ruby gem that will parse any CSS file and tell you which rulesets have duplicated declarations. To learn how to use cssscss, click here.

Helium CSS – JS Tool To Scan Your Site and Show Unused CSS

Helium is a tool for finding unused CSS across many pages on a web site. Helium takes a list of URLs for different sections of a site then loads and parses each page to build up a list of all stylesheets. It then visits each page in the URL list and checks if the selectors found in the stylesheets are used on the pages. It will then generate a report with details of each stylesheet and the selectors that were not found to be used on any of the given pages.

CSSO – Structural Optimization of CSS Files

As well as being a CSS minimizer, CSSO also can perform structural optimization of CSS files, resulting in a much smaller file size compared to other minifiers. It will merge blocks with identical selectors and properties, remove overridden properties, remove duplicate selectors, partially merge blocks, remove empty rulesets and will also minimize margin and padding properties

CSS Frameworks

Cascade Framework

Responsable Framework


Responsable is a clean responsive grid system with a typographic baseline powered by LESS/SCSS and based on Semantic.gs.

Mueller Grid System

MUELLER is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non–responsive layouts, based on Compass.


From Yahoo!, Pure is a set of small, responsive CSS modules that you can use in every web project.


PocketGrid is a lightweight pure CSS resposnive grid system allowing for an unlimited number of columns and breakpoints.


Kraken is a lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate for front-end web developers. It includes just the essentials: A CSS reset to ensure cross-browser compatibility; A responsive, mobile-first grid; A well-designed, fluid typographic scale; CSS3 buttons; Basic form styling; Optional add-ons for more functionality.


Mosto Framework for Forms

Mosto is a framework for building forms using minimal markup and implicit label association.



GroundworkCSS is a fully responsive HTML5, CSS and Javascript toolkit to rapidly prototype and build accessible web apps that work on virtually any device.


Typeplate is a typographic starter kit that doesn't make aesthetic design choices, but defines proper markup with extensible styling for common typographic patterns.

Topcoat – CSS for Clean & Fast Web Apps

Javascript Tools


JSHint is a tool for detecting errors in JavaScript code and enforce your team's coding conventions.


Flatdoc is a small JavaScript file that fetches Markdown files and renders them as full pages.



svg.js is a lightweight library for manipulating and animating SVG with no dependencies and aims to be as small as possible.


Midway.js makes it super easy to automatically center the responsive elements on your websites.


Widearea is a lightweight JavaScript/CSS library to create an expandable textarea and to write large volumes of text easily.



gif.js is a JavaScript GIF encoder that runs in your browser that uses typed arrays and web workers to render each frame in the background.



This app lets detect if JavaScript is working or not when the page is loading. A message is sent to the user when JS is not working.


This is a JavaScript which allows you to insert live paragraph. It has a counting HTML element.


It uses a bin-packing since it is a JavaScript outline library. No empty gaps are left since packer fills all this gaps.


It main function is to detect different languages and highlight them. It uses code syntax on any net page.


It is built to aid you run consistent and high quality for the different applications and libraries from the JavaScript.



This is the easy and simple way to include animated graphs on the different website


This allows you to list down all your events so that you do not forget either of them. Their license was released under the MIT.


It has great guidelines that users and developers with little skills can use. At the same time it is
harmonious with the roadmaps. Users and developers can use it with Firefox and also chrome. It is easy to design and use.


This is one of the best JavaScript apps users can use to track down their browsing experience via the use of webcam. Companies can benefit a lot as they can use it to track down.

Javascript Frameworks


This is a Facebook app that is gaining momentum especially with the increased use of social media and blogging. It helps in building interface for users.


This is an app that is getting popular by day. It supports language features which most users and developers find attractive and useful. It is also first to create and easy design.


This is one of the fastest way to create apps and keep your customers happy and satisfied. Users want apps that will get their websites run in just a few clicks.



This offers a fast way of creating functioning HTML without repeating other features in the program.


Websites designs and contents speaks volume. Hopscotch makes it effortless to upload and add beautiful contents abc graphics to a website.

Web Based Apps


This is customized Language based app that makes browsing and communication a lot easier. It has great features and improves the online experience.


When it comes to getting feedback quickly, red pen is the answer. It allows users to design their personalized designs, share them including links. This can be great for web optimization.


It allows customization, has great plugins and has a variety of languages that can be used.


This is a great app that saves on time and energy by working on active projects. Customization of websites is had easier and game lovers have a reason to celebrate.


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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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