15 Experimental Projects From Mozilla Demo Studio

15 Experimental Projects From Mozilla Demo Studio
by Janeth Kent Date: 15-07-2013 mozilla demo studio web design development download html5 css3

We have published a few posts about experimental CSS3 and HTML5 to show the power of them.And you know,new projects are being released so often and personally we like to check out these new experiments.

If you are a web designer who is trying to understand the true potential of these two markup languages, then these awesome and creative experimental web designs from Mozilla Demo Studio will be a great source of inspiration.

The Mozilla Demo Studio, it's a place where developers can develop, share, demonstrate, and learn all about Web technologies and:

  • View demos that showcase what HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can do.
  • Inspect the source code for those demos so you can see how they work.
  • Read documentation to learn about the open standards and technologies that power the Web.

This time we are showcasing (mostly fresh) projects developed using CSS3,HTML5 and Javascript from Mozilla Demo Studio.

These Mozilla Demo Studio examples will encourage the developers to come up with some awesome web designs by utilizing their skills.

So study these examples well and enjoy!

1. The Box


An animated cardboard and paper 3D scene, made from recycled materials.

Demo & Download

2. Rofox CSS3 Animation


Little spaceship lands on planet. Little spaceship takes off from planet.

Demo & Download

3. Ghost writer Art Studio

Skookum's online art playground.

Demo & Download

4. Zoom to infinity

An infinite zoom-in using CSS3 keyframes.

Demo & Download

5. Escapade

Escape the multitude of balls thrown at u.

Demo & Download

6. Old Radio


Just CSS3 (no images) + HTML5 (audio API) + JS.

Demo & Download

7. HTML5 Free Cell

Using drag and drop to demonstrate uses for history api.

Storing history and using state can be extremely useful in ajax environments and in page content. The idea of this demo is to take other user inputs or to expand the use of back button. This demo shows the use of saving state after drag and drop user interaction.

Demo & Download

8. Comic Gen


Comic genertor app.

It is a comic generator using canvas and some JS API.

Demo & Download

9. The Planetarium


A CSS3 journey through the Solar System. Works in Firefox, Chrome, Safari.

Demo & Download

10. The Letter-Heads

Experience interactive shadow-art in your browser.

The Letter-Heads is a demo that lets you experience interactive shadow art. Meet different characters made with letters and text-shadow. By moving and rotating the letters into the right position, their shadow of the letters casts a silhouette that looks like a head. The animation is done with CSS3+JS. It’s mainly inspired by shadow artist Kumi Yamashita (kumiyamashita.com). 

Demo & Download

11. Chess

Browser based chess engine with CSS animation.

This demo is based on Douglas Bagnall's javascript chess game written for the 5k competition in 2002 (http://p4wn.sourceforge.net). Use of unicode was inspired by Antony Lesuisse's version of the game (2005). Animation added by Yehuda B. (2011).

Demo & Download

12. Zoom Menu


Just a simple menu zooming with CSS3.

This is a small part of a redesign I am working on. I was wondering how do make a menu that zooms into a smaller thumbnail when you don't use it and gets bigger when you want to click a link. Now with animations :).

Demo & Download

13. Parts

An interactive music video for the Gamits new Album.

Demo & Download

14. Meowww!

A cat meowing.

Using no graphics and no javascript just CSS to animate a cat meow.

Demo & Download

15. CSS sliding image gallery

An image gallery made without JavaScript using dots and arrows to browse.

The demo uses CSS3's target pseudo-class and CSS transforms to achieve to slide behavior.

Demo & Download


by Janeth Kent Date: 15-07-2013 mozilla demo studio web design development download html5 css3 hits : 4530  
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Janeth Kent

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