10 Javascript Tutorials You Must See

by Silvia Mazzetta Date: 10-09-2020 javascript scripts tutorials webdev

Fortunately, we live in an era of global connectivity and access to many resources. Thanks to the Internet and people who enjoy sharing content, you can find almost everything you need to learn, and for free.

Free tutorials, books and courses are easily found without spending too much. So if you want to learn about mobile development, databases, machine learning, cloud computing or any programming language you want, knowledge is just a couple of clicks away.

But if you are interested in web development, you should learn JavaScript. And there are many websites with free JavaScript tutorials that you can use for free. Let's review the main and most prominent ones.

Why do you need to learn JavaScript?

You can work in a Java-based web application and use Servlet and JSP for server-side scripting, but it is better to use jQuery and JavaScript for client-side scripting.

The point is that you may find an excess of information about this programming language out there. Most of it will be of little use and only very little will serve you.

Here are some useful resources if you want to learn JavaScript online for free. Our list includes official resources, interactive websites, good books and others. You will be able to take your code writing skills to the next level with them.

Free JavaScript tutorials in @Udemy

A great place to start if you're interested in learning code. They have many free courses and tutorials online if you want to get the latest in the latest programming languages. You can find at @Udemy resources of Java, data structure and algorithms, Spring, REST, Selenium and more, both free and paid.

Regarding JavaScript courses and tutorials, we recommend these:

1. JavaScript Bootcamp: creating real-world applications

2. JavaScript Essentials (FREE)

3. The complete JavaScript 2020 course: Build real projects!

4. The Bootcamp for Web Developers

Even the payment resources are quite economical. Promoted, you can get them for only $9.99: a small price to pay for quality knowledge. You will find excellent teachers there, like Jose Marcial Portilla, Colt_Steele, John Purcell, Rob Percival or Stephen Grider, among others.

Introduction to JavaScript by @Codecademy

This is by far one of the best JavaScript tutorials that can be accessed for free. You can learn JavaScript from scratch, as well as Java, Git, UNIX command line and many other programming languages at your own pace.

If you look at the number of students enrolled in this course, you'll see that it exceeds 5 million users. That's a pretty high number for any online resource. You can be one of them by subscribing to this free JavaScript tutorial here. Take advantage of it!

Introduction to JavaScript: first steps in The Educative Team

The Educative Team is an online learning platform that is attractive because of its text-based courses, as reading is generally faster than watching a video.

They also have some of the best courses to guide you through coding interviews, such as Grokking the Coding Interview: Patterns for Coding Questions or Grokking the system design interview. You can register for free or buying a membership for $17 a month.

We also recommend Grokking the system design interview created by Arnav Agarwal, a top engineer.

JavaScript 30

Here, you can learn JavaScript for free with many tutorials and lessons. It contains fun little projects to do, so you can learn the programming language in a very didactic way.

Some tutorials we recommend to check here:

  • Vanilla JS 30-day coding challenge
  • Build 30 things in 30 days with 30 tutorials
  • No frames × No compilers × No libraries × No repeats

JavaScript guide @ freecodecamp.org

This is another amazing community, where you can learn to code for free, get involved in real world projects and even get a job as a programmer. @freecodecamp.org includes tutorial packages and interactive JavaScript exercises, but also data structure and algorithms, frontend development and much more.

You can also join their Facebook group (freecodecampearth), ask questions and share experiences. Or follow the YouTube community channel, with hundreds of free tutorials on Python, Git, GraphQL, SQL, database schema design and much more.

JavaScript Tutorials on the Mozilla Developer Network

If you love to do your own thing and just need to read the theory and adapt it to your own configuration; you are welcome to this site. Even when the information here is not interactive, it comes with a lot of details, so this is a very valid official source for any JavaScript information.

Katas @Code Combat

JavaScript can be an easy way to add functionality to your web pages, but learning it on your own can be a bold business. So, CodeCombat is the perfect platform for a student who wants to learn it properly.

Designed for students and beginners, you need little or no previous programming experience to learn the basics of JavaScript in its unique style.

Learn JavaScript online - CodeMentor

Another great place that offers interactive JavaScript tutorials. They offer a 4-week course in which you can learn JavaScript (master it, in fact, as they say). That includes not only core JavaScript, but also the handling of JavaScript libraries and other related concepts like jQuery, angular js, ajax, json and much more.

These elements are crucial to becoming an expert JavaScript Developer, so it is best to include them in your JavaScript education.

Pluralsight JavaScript Courses

If you want to improve skills such as mobile development, web development or programming languages like Java, React, Angular, Hibernate, Spring Framework, you should consult this site. It also contains useful JavaScript courses for beginners such as:

Basic Concepts of JavaScript Programming By Kyle Simpson

Basics of Programming with JavaScript de Kyle Simpson

JavaScript From Scratch de Jesse Liberty

JavaScript Fundamentals de Liam McLennan

Basics of programming with JavaScript, CSS and HTML @Coursera

This is a good website to learn JavaScript online, full of free courses and tutorials. Founded by Stanford professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, it also offers online majors and degrees.

From here you can access online courses from Stanford, University of Michigan, University of London, Imperial College of London, and others, both free and paid.

Some links to free JavaScript courses and tutorials:

HTML, CSS, y Javascript for Web Developers

Interactivity with JavaScript

Programming Foundations with JavaScript, HTML and CSS

You can choose the course for free, but if you want a Certificate to be shown, you must pay for it.

We hope you can find in this list the perfect place to learn JavaScript for free. There are many others, so you can share them in the comments section.

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Silvia Mazzetta

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