Firefox for Windows 8 expected to exit beta in November

Firefox for Windows 8 expected to exit beta in November
by Janeth Kent Date: 10-05-2013 metro windows8 firefox


In February, Mozilla launched the first version of its Firefox web browser made for the Modern UI of Windows 8 for its standard public Nightly testers. However, it's looking like it will be some time before the first non-beta version of Firefox for Windows 8 will be ready for the general public.

In a post on the Mozilla Wiki development site, the current timeline of the browser's development shows that, if everything goes as planned, Firefox for Windows 8 will have its non-beta launch on November 19th. The best case scenario could see that timetable moved up to October 2nd. However, the worst case scenario shows that if things don't go as planned, the launch date could be pushed back to as far back as March 20th, 2014.

Mozilla first announced its plans to make a Modern version of Firefox over a year ago, but it would seem that development of the browser is taking somewhat longer than expected. Mozilla hinted at some of the difficulties in making Firefox work with Windows 8 when it first announced the project, saying it is " ... an entirely new environment and requires a new Firefox front end and system integration points."



by Janeth Kent Date: 10-05-2013 metro windows8 firefox hits : 3300  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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