Jquery: Get URL,Parameters and HashTag

Jquery: Get URL,Parameters and HashTag
by Janeth Kent Date: 27-06-2013 jquery url parameters hashtag javascript

While dealing with current URL, many time you want to know what is the current URL path, What are the parameters, and what is the hash tag on URL. Hash tag is pretty important, if you are implementing tab structure using HTML and JQuery. Now, both JavaScript and JQuery provides convenient way to retrieve current URL in form of window.location object. You can use various properties of window.location JavaScript object e.g. window.location.href to get complete URL, window.location.pathname to get current path, and window.location.hash to get hash tag from current URL. If you like to use JQuery then you can get window.location as JQuery object and retrieve relevant properties using attr() function. Being a fan of head first book, I always approach a new technology by an Head first title, it helped to learn a lot in short time, without spending time in trivial examples. By the way, In this web tutorial, we are going to retrieve current URL and hash tag using JavaScript and JQuery.

How to find current URL using JavaScript and JQuery.

In JavaScript, just use window.location.href, and in JQuery use code $(location).attr('href'), both will return current URL. In our another example url http://localhost:8080/testapp/, here window.location.href will return complete URL, but if you are just interested in path, than you can use window.location.path, which will return /testapp.
URL : "http://localhost:8080/testapp/" 
window.location.path = "/testapp/"
window.location.href = "http://localhost:8080/testapp/"
and if you want to get them using JQuery then use following code
var URL = $(location).attr('href'); var PATH = $(location).attr('pathname') 

In next section, we will learn how to get hash tag using JavaScript and JQuery.

How to get Hashtag from current URL using JavaScript and JQuery.

Hash tags are String with prefix # (hash) in URL. If you are using tab based UI and using div to represent different tab, and if you are current URL, when user is in tab2 is http://localhost:8080/testapp#tab2, then you can retrieve tab2 by using window.location.hash object. This will return just "tab2". You can also wrap same code in JQuery using shortcut $(). Here is the code :
 URL : http://localhost:8080/testapp#tab2 window.location.hash = tab2 var hash = $(location).attr('hash'); 
and here is the HTML page, which combines all these JavaScript and JQuery code. We have put the JQuery code in $(document).ready(), so it will be executed when page will be loaded.

<script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.9.1.min.js"></script>
//windo.location.pathname will give you path, after http:// var path = window.location.pathname; alert("window.location.pathname : " + path);
var href = window.location.href; alert("window.location.href : " + href);
var hash = window.location.hash; alert("window.location.hash : " + hash);

//JQuery code for getting current URL var URL = $(location).attr('href'); alert("Current URL Using JQuery : " + URL);

Find current URL, path and hash value using JavaScript and JQuery it's very easy, you just need to know about window.location Javascript object, but if you are JQuery fan, and want to avoid cross browser hassles, then you can also take advantage of JQuery one liner$(location).attr("href") to get current URL or any attribute from location object.
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