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by Luigi Nori Date: 17-04-2020 javascript development

JavaScript is a programming language. This scripting language, however, is used to create features on web pages. As a result, it helps to make web pages alive. All that stuff that you see or do on the internet or websites or web applications is because of JavaScript. It is used to develop web applications for companies and individuals, likewise. However, if you want to go digital, you need to approach a JavaScript development company to develop web applications and other stuff for you. As a result, these companies hire web developers who are experts in developing software, mobile applications, and web applications using JavaScript. JavaScript development companies provide various development services. In this post, we shall enumerate a few JavaScript development services provided by them.

Web Development Service:

Many clients highly demand web development services, likewise. Moreover, JavaScript development companies provide perfect web apps solutions to these clients. As a result, web developers are highly skilled and experienced in developing web apps for various industries. They also build cloud web apps and software.

Web development includes:

  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Infrastructure
  • Databases

Web development process:

  • Discovery Phase
  • Wireframing and design
  • Architecture and Devops
  • Backend and Frontend development
  • Maintenance and support

Mobile Development Service:

Many companies have started their own mobile applications, likewise. These mobile applications are developed by none other than JavaScript development companies. These companies help the client to develop their own mobile applications. Mobile development is a JavaScript service where the developer assists from finalizing the concept of the app to making it appear on the application store finally.

Mobile development includes:

  • Native iOS development
  • Native android development
  • Backend
  • Infrastructure
  • Databases

Salesforce Development Service:

Salesforce is one of the most popular cloud building platforms. Moreover, it is used to create cloud-based software. But now JavaScript has entered the game. It is used to make changes in Salesforce applications, consequently. It can also be used in the integration. Moreover, the integration of salesforce can be through various other apps. These are 3rd party apps, likewise. As a result, JavaScript developers combine JavaScript with Salesforce to create more features and functions for applications and software.

UI/ UX Design Service:

It is used to create functional and beautiful applications, moreover. The developers combine complex web applications and Native iOS and Android apps. It has features of both complex web applications and the beauty and creativity of mobile applications. Moreover, it is developed using JavaScript. This service is pivotal in designing a process diagramming tool, consequently.

Design Process:

  • Research
  1. Competitive analysis
  2. Personas and goals
  3. Data analysis

  • Plan
  1. User stories
  2. User flow
  3. Red routes

  • Explore
  1. Brainstorm and sketch
  2. Wireframes
  3. Prototype

  • Create
  1. UI guidelines
  2. UI Elements
  3. Responsiveness

  • Finalize
  1. Build all the screens
  2. Finalize layout
  3. Waiting and feedback states

  • Delight
  1. Transitions
  2. Micro-interactions
  3. Microcopy

  • Analyze
  1. KPI setup
  2. A/B test plan
  3. Gather feedback

Test Automation Service:

It helps the companies to optimize the testing process, accordingly. Moreover, JavaScript developers provide an automatic testing solution to the clients. It reduces the time, efforts, and money spent on evaluation tests, likewise. It also reduces the risk of human error and personal bias.

Test automation implementation process:

  • Evaluation
  • Core development
  • Integration
  • Support

These are some JavaScript development companies that provide JavaScript development services to various clients all around the world, likewise.

Adding interactive behavior to web pages Assignment Help

JavaScript allows users to interact with web pages. There are almost no limits to the things you can do with JavaScript on a web page – these are just a few examples:

  • Show or hide more information with the click of a button
  • Change the color of a button when the mouse hovers over it
  • Slide through a carousel of images on the homepage
  • Zooming in or zooming out on an image
  • Displaying a timer or count-down on a website
  • Playing audio and video on a web page
  • Displaying animations
  • Using a drop-down hamburger menu

Creating web and mobile apps Help

Developers can use various JavaScript frameworks for developing and building web and mobile apps. JavaScript frameworks are collections of JavaScript code libraries that provide developers with pre-written code to use for routine programming features and tasks—literally a framework to build websites or web applications around.

Popular JavaScript front-end frameworks include React, React Native, Angular, and Vue. Many companies use Node.js, a JavaScript runtime environment built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript V8 engine. A few famous examples include Paypal, LinkedIn, Netflix, and Uber!


JavaScript may seem a bit daunting right now, but don't worry — in this course, we will take you through it in simple steps that will make sense going forward. In the next article, we will plunge straight into the practical, getting you to jump straight in and build your own JavaScript examples.

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