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Boost Your JavaScript Development with These Essential Free Tools and Resources

by Janeth Kent Date: 21-06-2023 javascript

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world, powering countless web applications and websites. As a JavaScript developer, having access to the right tools can greatly enhance your productivity and efficiency. In this article, we have compiled a list of free tools that every JavaScript developer should have in their arsenal. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, these tools will assist you in various aspects of your development workflow.


1. Visual Studio Code


Visual Studio Code, commonly known as VS Code, is a powerful source code editor developed by Microsoft. It offers a wide range of features, including intelligent code completion, debugging capabilities, Git integration, and an extensive marketplace for extensions. With its lightweight and customizable interface, VS Code has become the go-to choice for many developers.

Download Visual Studio Code


2. Chrome DevTools


Chrome DevTools is a set of web developer tools built into the Google Chrome browser. It provides a rich set of debugging and profiling tools for JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You can inspect and modify the DOM, monitor network requests, analyze performance bottlenecks, and much more. Chrome DevTools is an essential tool for web development and can greatly enhance your debugging and optimization capabilities.

Learn more about Chrome DevTools


3. ESLint


ESLint is a pluggable and customizable linter tool for JavaScript. It helps you identify and fix common coding errors, enforce coding standards, and maintain consistent code quality. ESLint supports a wide range of rules and can be integrated into your development workflow through editor plugins or build system integrations. By using ESLint, you can ensure that your JavaScript code adheres to best practices and catches potential issues early on.

Explore ESLint


4. Babel


Babel is a popular JavaScript compiler that allows you to write next-generation JavaScript code (ES6+) and transpile it into backward-compatible versions. It enables you to leverage the latest language features while ensuring compatibility with older browsers and environments. Babel is highly configurable and supports various plugins and presets, making it an indispensable tool for modern JavaScript development.

Check out Babel


5. Webpack


Webpack is a module bundler that simplifies the process of managing and optimizing JavaScript modules and their dependencies. It allows you to bundle and transform your code, bundle other static assets like CSS and images, and apply various optimizations such as minification and code splitting. Webpack's extensive ecosystem and plugin system make it a valuable tool for building efficient and scalable web applications.

Visit the Webpack website


6. Postman


Postman is a versatile API development and testing tool that aids JavaScript developers in working with web services. It allows you to create and send HTTP requests, test APIs, and analyze responses. With Postman's intuitive interface and powerful features like request history, authentication management, and automated testing, you can streamline your API development process and ensure the reliability of your JavaScript applications.

Download Postman


7. Lodash


Lodash is a JavaScript utility library that provides a wide range of helper functions to simplify common programming tasks. It offers functions for manipulating arrays, objects, strings, and more, along with additional features like function debouncing and memoization. Lodash is widely adopted and trusted by developers for its consistency, performance, and extensive documentation.

Explore Lodash


8. GitHub


GitHub is a web-based platform for version control and collaboration that is widely used by developers. It allows you to host your JavaScript projects, track changes, and collaborate with other developers through features like pull requests and issue tracking. GitHub also provides an extensive ecosystem of open-source projects and libraries, making it a valuable resource for JavaScript developers to discover and contribute to the community.

Create a GitHub account


9. JSFiddle


JSFiddle is an online code editor and playground specifically designed for web development. It enables you to experiment with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code in a real-time environment. JSFiddle provides a convenient way to share and collaborate on code snippets, create live demos, and debug your JavaScript code directly in the browser.

Start coding on JSFiddle


10. Can I Use


Can I Use is a website that provides up-to-date browser support information for various web technologies, including JavaScript features and APIs. It allows you to check the compatibility of specific features across different browsers and versions. As a JavaScript developer, Can I Use can help you make informed decisions when choosing which language features to use and how to handle browser compatibility.

Explore Can I Use


11. JSONPlaceholder


JSONPlaceholder is a fake online REST API that developers can use for prototyping and testing JavaScript applications. It provides a set of commonly used API endpoints that return JSON data, allowing you to simulate API requests and responses without the need for a backend server. JSONPlaceholder is lightweight, easy to use, and provides a sandbox environment for JavaScript developers to work with data-driven applications.

Access JSONPlaceholder


12. Stack Overflow


Stack Overflow is a popular question and answer platform for programmers. It has a vast community of developers who actively participate in answering questions and providing solutions. As a JavaScript developer, Stack Overflow can be an invaluable resource for finding answers to specific programming problems, troubleshooting issues, and learning from experienced developers.

Visit Stack Overflow


Old but Gold: vintage tools that are still in use

  • JSLint – The JavaScript Verifier
    JSLint takes a JavaScript source and scans it. If it finds a problem, it returns a message describing the problem and an approximate location within the source. The problem is not necessarily a syntax error, although it often is. JSLint looks at some style conventions as well as structural problems. It does not prove that your program is correct. It just provides another set of eyes to help spot problems.
  • SugarTest
    SugarTest makes it easy to write elegant and understandable JavaScript tests. Its API is inspired by both RSpec, Shoulda and jQuery. It works as a DSL running on top of JsUnitTest.
  • Obtrusive JavaScript Checker
    Available as a Firefox extension, Greasemonkey user script, as well as a Ubiquity command; Obtrusive JavaScript Checker is a tool to traverse through all elements in a web page, and when it finds a HTML element with inline events (which is bad, JavaScript should be unobtrusive), it highlights it with a red border.
  • Firebug
    One of the most popular web developer tool – Firebug is a Firefox add-on that allows you to edit, debug, and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page. It provides JavaScript logging and debugging console with useful features such as AJAX requests logging, JavaScript interpreter, DOM explorer and more. You can use Firebug Lite in IE, Opera, and Safari.
  • JS Bin
    JS Bin is an online  web application specifically designed to help JavaScript developers test code snippets within some context, and debug the code collaboratively. JS Bin allows you to online edit and test JavaScript and HTML code. Once you’re done you can save, and send the URL to a peer for review or help.
  • JSON Formatter
    The JSON Formatter was created to help with debugging. As data expressed as JSON is often written without line breaks to save space, it became extremely difficult to actually read it. This tool hopes to solve the problem by formatting the JSON into data that is easily readable by human beings.
  • Online JavaScript Compressor
    Compress and obfuscate Javascript code online completely free using this compressor.
  • JavaScript Beautifier
    This beautifier can process your messy or compacted JavaScript, making it all neatly and consistently formatted and readable.
  • HTML to JavaScript Convertor
    The HTML to JavaScript convertor takes your markup and converts it to a series of document.write() statements that you can use in a block of JavaScript.
  • JavaScript Cheat Sheet
    The JavaScript cheat sheet is designed to act as a reminder and reference sheet, listing methods and functions of JavaScript. It includes reference material for regular expressions in JavaScript, as well as a short guide to the XMLHttpRequest object.


These free tools for JavaScript developers can significantly enhance your development workflow, improve code quality, and save valuable time. Whether you are debugging code, optimizing performance, or collaborating with other developers, these tools offer a range of functionalities to support your JavaScript projects. Take advantage of these resources and streamline your JavaScript development process today!

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