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Timelines are complicated but effective tools for showing large amounts of data. TimelineJS removes the pain

TimelineJS ( is an easy-to-use JavaScript library, both for user and developer. It can be as easy as embedding an iframe onto your page using the embed generator with a Google Doc spreadsheet, or as complicated as dynamically adding in your own events based on external sources; we’re going to opt for the latter..

If you’re looking for an easy way to include a timeline in your site, this may well be perfect. 

Timeline.js is a jQuery timeline generator which helps you render horizontal, scrolling, responsive bar & point/line style timelines (with event details) from dynamic data arrays/objects.

How to use it:

1. To use this plugin, you need to load the following JavaScript and CSS files into the document.

<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/timeline.min.css">  
<script src="//"></script>  
<script src="dist/timeline.min.js"></script>

2. Add your own events to the timeline using the  data-timeline-node  attribute and insert the event group into a normal html list as these:

<div id="myTimeline">    
<ul class="timeline-events">      
<li data-timeline-node="{ start:'2017-05-28 10:00',end:'2017-05-28 13:00',
content:'Event Here' }">Event Label
<li data-timeline-node="{ start:'2017-05-29 23:10',end:'2017-05-29 1:30',
content:'<p>Event Here</p>' }">Event Label

3. Create an empty container to display the event details:

<div class="timeline-event-view"></div>

4. Initialize the plugin to generate a default timeline from the html list.

// options here  

5. To customize the timeline, just pass the following options as an object to the  timeline()  method on init.

// "bar" or "point"
type            : "bar",
// "years" or "months" or "days"
scale           : "days", 
// start date time
startDatetime   : "currently",
// end date time
endDatetime     : "auto",
// displays headline
headline        : {
display     : true,
title       : "",
range       : true,
locale      : "en-US",
format      : { hour12: false }
// displays sidebar
sidebar         : {
sticky      : false,
overlay     : false,
list        : [], //  an array of items
// displays ruler
ruler           : {
top         : {
lines      : [],
height     : 30,
fontSize   : 14,
color      : "#777777",
background : "#FFFFFF",
locale     : "en-US",
format     : { hour12: false }
// displays footer
footer          : {
display     : true,
content     : "",
range       : false,
locale      : "en-US",
format      : { hour12: false }
// displays event meta
eventMeta       : {
display     : false,
scale       : "day",
locale      : "en-US",
format      : { hour12: false },
content     : ""
// event data
eventData       : [],
// enables/disables effects
effects         : {
presentTime : true,
hoverEvent  : true,
stripedGridRow : true,
horizontalGridStyle : 'dotted',
verticalGridStyle : 'solid',
colorScheme     : { // Added new option since v2.0.0
event         : {
text        : "#343A40",
border      : "#6C757D",
background  : "#E7E7E7"
hookEventColors : () => null, // Added instead of merging setColorEvent of PR#37 since v2.0.0
// default view range
range           : 3, 
// numer of timeline rows
rows            : 5, 
// height of row
rowHeight       : 40, 
// width of timeline
width           : "auto",
// height of timeline
height          : "auto",
// min size of grid
minGridSize     : 30, 
// margin size
marginHeight    : 2,
// "left", "center", "right", "current", "latest" or specific event id
rangeAlign      : "latest",
// "default", false and selector
loader          : "default",
// loading message
loadingMessage  : "",
// hides scrollbar
hide Scroll bar   : false,
// "session" or "local"
storage         : "session",
// loads cached events during reloading
reloadCacheKeep : true,
// zooms the scale of the timeline by double clicking
zoom            : false,
// wraps new scale in the timeline container when zooming
wrapScale       : true,
// 0: Sunday, 1: Monday, ... 6: Saturday
firstDayOfWeek  : 0, 
// "canvas" or "d3.js"
engine          : "canvas",
// debug mode
debug           : false

6. API methods.

// show

// hide

// destroy

// align the timeline
// position: "left" or "begin", "center", "right" or "end", "latest", "current" or "currently", Event ID
// duration: "fast", "normal", "slow" or milliseconds
$("#myTimeline").timeline('alignment', position, duration);

// add new events
$("#myTimeline").timeline('addEvent', eventdata, CALLBACK, userdata);

// remove events
$("#myTimeline").timeline('removeEvent', condition, CALLBACK, userdata);

// update events
$("#myTimeline").timeline('updateEvent', eventdata, CALLBACK, userdata);

// reload the timeline
$("#myTimeline").timeline('reload', options, CALLBACK, userdata);

// show the loader


v2.0.0 (2019-11-19)

  • Fixed a bug that the displayed date on the ruler differs actually value when timezone is UTC (Issue#48).
  • Fixed a bug that had not return resolve of promise object in the "placeEvent" method.
  • Fixed the default order of outputting to display event detail contents by the "opneEvent" method.

v2.0.0b5 (2019-09-10)

  • Fixed a bug that the event node height does not work to be adjusted with depending on a "rowHeight" option.
  • Fixed a bug that different ruler is displayed from actual date-time when has timezone diff times as like on while DST.
  • Changed an "openEvent" method to be able to bind custom user function that fire just before opening event. 

v2.0.0b4 (2019-09-02)

  • Changed the order of priority of overwriting to "hook function > event params > colorScheme.event object".
  • Fixed a bug that does not hide the loader when empty event.
  • Fixed a bug that does not overflow the event container.
  • Added optional option type definition to the documentation of an esdoc.

v2.0.0b3 (2019-08-27)

  • Fixed a bug that occurred error if an option does not have the ruler settings when binding the Timeline.
  • Changed to use webpack for deploying the scripts.
  • Synchronized several internal processing during timeline initialization by the Promise.
  • Added the "colorScheme" option for setting the default color of every event. 

v2.0.0b2 (2019-07-09)

  • Added the "firstDayOfWeek" option to define a start day of one week on the timeline.
  • Added the "truncateLowers" property in the ruler option to ignore outputting lower ruler scale than global scale.
  • Fixed the bug when zooming the scale.
  • Changed the default preloading animation to indicator type from strings type.
  • Added the "loadingMessage" option for using the custom loader content (by @Guillaume-Bo , PR#37)
  • Became to able to include the initial events to the plugin option by the "eventData" option.
  • Added the "mixed" type to be able to place the events of bar and point type together on the timeline.
  • Added some properties that "presentTime", "stripedGridRow", "horizontalGridStyle", "verticalGridStyle".
  • Added a property of "custom" to output the custom datetime format.
  • Added the events to be able to swipe the timeline container on the PC browser too.
  • Supported to summer time (Daylight Savings Time).
  • Fixed the bugs that broke some layouts.
  • Fixed some internal processing bugs and stabilized the operation of various methods.

v2.0.0b1 (2019-05-22)

  • Added tasks into gulp for deploying on production.
  • Added new methods named "dateback" and "dateforth".
  • Added new option named "effects" for timeline UI enhancement.
  • Fixed a bug that does not remove specific events on "removeEvent" method.
  • Fixed a bug that the vertical position of the relation line deviates in multiple rows of containers.
  • Fixed a bug that method chain did not work due to asynchronous initialization.


  • Fixed a bug that does not open event detail when clicked event on the timeline.


  • Added handling event of "afterRender".


  • Updated algorithm of httpLanguage option


  • Added feature that multilingualization support


  • Adjusted that the display position of events on the point type timeline

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