15 Awesome Plugins for Creating Sticky Elements

15 Awesome Plugins for Creating Sticky Elements
by Janeth Kent Date: 04-03-2017 jquery sticky element plugins libraries

It is now common to use some fixed elements on a site when you scroll up or down. This allows for the element to be readily available regardless of the user’s position.

They are called sticky element, an effect that can be achieved just by using CSS, however, using this method, the effect is not reliable  across multiple browsers. That is why we’ve listed smoe JS libraries and jQuery plugins that will allow you to achieve this particular UX design.

1. Waypoints

Waypoints is a library  to execute a function based on the element position in the viewport.

  • Dependency: None / jQuery (optional)
  • License: MIT license

2. Sticky Kit

With StickyKit, not only can you make an element stick within the viewport, but you can also make them stick within the parent element you designate to multiple elements at once.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: WTFPL

3. StickyJS

StickyJS is an easy-to-use jQuery sticky plugin that does what it says.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: MIT license

4. HeadRoom

Headroom is a JavaScript library that will make your sticky header smart; the header will be hidden when users scroll down the page and show up upon scrolling up.

  • Dependency: None / jQuery (optional) / Angular (optional)
  • License: MIT license

5. MakefixedJS

Makefixed lets you make elements be fixed dynamically as users scroll the page. J

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: GPL

6. MidnightJS

Midnight allows you to stick multiple headers / elements and switch between them based on their position within the document (DOM tree), check out the demo to see what I mean. In addition you can change their color on the fly simply by adding the data-midnight attribute with the specified color name.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: MIT license

7. ScrollMagic

ScrollMagic has advanced  features to add interaction, during a page scroll.

  • Dependency: jQuery / Velocity.js
  • License: Dual License (MIT and GPL)

8. onScreen

onScreen is similar to Waypoints — it allows you to execute functions as the element is entering, leaving, or reaching certain positions within the browser viewport.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: MIT license

9. jQuery Pin

jQuery Pin is a small jQuery plugin to “pin” or “unpin” elements to a position, when you scroll the page. My most favorite part of this plugin is the option to disable it at certain viewport widths.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: BSD license

10. Sticky Float

Sticky Float allows us to give elements a fixed position that is relative to its parent.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • LicenseUndefined

11. Zebra Pin

Zebra Pin is a lightweight plugin to make any element pin to their container.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: GPL license

12. HC-Sticky

With HC-Sticky, you can make sticky elements that refer to its container, to any given element, or to the document itself. This plugin has some options that you can adjust to your need, like distance from the top and bottom to start floating, and other options.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: MIT license

13. Sticky Mojo

Sticky Mojo is a lightweight, fast, and flexible jQuery plugin to make awesome sticky elements. It’s compatible with modern browsers and will degrade gracefully in IE.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: MIT license

14. Sticky Navbar

If you want make single page navigation which sticks when one scrolls down, this library is for you.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • License: MIT license

15. StickyStack

StickyStack will make elements stack with another when users  scroll the element and reach the top of the viewport. With this library, your long page will transform into stacked cards.

  • Dependency: jQuery
  • LicenseUndefined
by Janeth Kent Date: 04-03-2017 jquery sticky element plugins libraries hits : 9232  
Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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