Teaching ChatGPT to mimic your writing style

by Janeth Kent Date: 08-06-2023 AI ChatGPT

InChatGPT is an impressive conversational AI tool that showcases remarkable capabilities in various tasks. However, it also has limitations, such as occasional inaccuracies and a somewhat robotic and generic writing style. If you wish to train ChatGPT to imitate your writing style, there is a simple method you can follow. This technique is applicable specifically to ChatGPT-4 and can be achieved by leveraging a free alternative like the Bing chatbot. By guiding the AI model with your writing examples, you can enhance its ability to produce text in a style that closely resembles your own.

Step 1: Setting up the Prompt: To begin, establish the prompt by instructing ChatGPT on the imitation task. Use the following prompt as a guide:

"I will show you a text that I have written, and your task is to imitate it. Start by saying 'BEGINNING.' Then, I will present an example text, and you should respond with 'NEXT.' I will provide multiple examples, and you should always reply with 'NEXT' until I indicate 'FINISHED.' During this process, analyze my writing style, tone, and the structure of the example texts. Finally, I will ask you to write a new text on a specific topic, using my writing style exactly."

Step 2: Presenting Your Writing Examples: After initiating the prompt, paste a text written by you as the initial example. Ensure that the text is of sufficient length to allow the AI model to grasp your writing style effectively. ChatGPT will then analyze the text and provide feedback on various aspects of your writing style.

Step 3: Providing Additional Examples: Following the analysis of the initial text, provide another distinct text written by you. This step aims to offer more material for the AI model to learn from. Repeating this process with a total of three different texts should generally be enough for the AI to grasp the fundamental characteristics of your writing style.

Step 4: Indicating the End: Once you have finished presenting your writing examples, clearly state that you are "FINISHED." This serves as a signal to the AI model that it should stop using your examples as references and begin generating text based on your style.

Step 5: Generating Text in Your Writing Style: Now, you can request the AI to generate text that aligns with your writing style. Keep in mind that although ChatGPT may approximate certain aspects of your style, it may still lack the human touch found in authentic human-generated text. However, the output can serve as a starting point for you to refine, edit, and work upon to achieve the desired outcome.

The process outlined in this guide offers a technique to train ChatGPT to imitate your writing style. While it provides a means to guide the AI model towards generating text that mimics certain characteristics of your style, it is essential to recognize the limitations of AI in fully replicating the intricacies and nuances of human writing. By experimenting with this approach and assessing the results based on your specific requirements, you can leverage ChatGPT to approximate your writing style more closely.

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Janeth Kent

Janeth Kent

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