Download The Old Archives of Your Website From Google Reader Before It’S Too Late

Download the Old Archives of your Website from Google Reader Before It’s Too Late
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Google Reader is shutting down on July 1st and while we have quite a few worthy  alternatives. to this popular RSS Reader, there are some things that are likely disappear with Google Reader.

One are obviously your RSS subscriptions and any others items that you have “starred” in Google Reader. Getting them out is easy. Go to, click the “Create Archive” button and you’ll be able to download all your Google Reader data as a zip file.

Please do note that Google will export your Google Reader data in JSON format (except for the RSS feeds which are in standard OPML format) and you’ll need the help of scripts to convert that data into a more readable format.

Google Reader holds one more piece of data that is impossible to find in any other service – it has the archives of your website or of any other website that syndicates content via RSS feeds. This feature is likely to go with Reader but we can use it for now.

Download the Google Reader Archives

To get started, paste the RSS feed of any website in the form below and it will point you to a file where you may download the Google Reader archives for that website.

Internally, it takes RSS Feed URL, encodes the address (this is important) and constructs another URL.

You are more like to a few thousand entries in the Reader Archives but these will be a big help if you ever need to recover a deleted website.


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